Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31

Ok, it’s five to two Dodgers. We’re in the bottom of the seventh. We need to step up the bats and catch up to these darn Californians. Even though I used to be one, we can’t let them win tonight. If we do, they will tie us in third place. I’m at work and listening to the game on the radio, so this is going to be a short blog.
The big news of the day is that Arizona took over first place from the Giants. They’ve been on a terror starting with us. If I remember correctly, they beat us to start their winning streak. Bummer. They couldn’t have started after us so that we could have won. But, that’s baseball.
I just had a lively discussion with my co-worker. He had to write a paper about women that kill their abusive significant others and get away with it. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but I found myself on the opposite side of the discussion because, if it was two guys and one of them killed someone in their sleep like many of these cases go. (Woman killing her husband in his sleep) It is premeditated murder. But, if a woman does it, it’s battered spouse syndrome and she gets off. His paper touched on that point, but it was mostly geared toward the woman’s side. On the other hand, if anyone smacked around one of my daughters, they wouldn’t have the chance to murder her husband in their sleep, because I would already be in jail for doing it for them. (And, it wouldn’t be in his sleep. I would make him suffer for a long time) So yes, I am a hypocrite.
I plotted out the graphic novel all the way to the sixteenth page. I think I’m not condensing it enough. But, these first pages lay the groundwork for the entire book, so I’m not going to be too concerned with it now. We’ll see how it looks in a few more days.
After the game, I’m going to put in something mellow, I’m thinking the Carpenters, Abba, and the Beach Boys.

Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30

How many days are there in this month? It’s the 30th, so at least it’s almost over. The Rockies had a very rocky May. Let’s bring in the new month and get started spanking a little butt. I’m tired of being under five hundred. We had something like fifteen hits today against the Dodgers and we only had one run. Wiggy hit our only bomb for a solo run, but that was about it for excitement. We had a really good game on Saturday, we beat the Cardinals 15-4, but we dropped the other two games in the series. So, we’re officially 25-28. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.
We had a real good Saturday along with the Rockies. We went to the Aurora mall to take in a parking lot carnival. We had the baby and she really wanted to go. But, we had to go into the mall to get shoes or something for the graduation. So that only took about ten hours. By the time we came out, it was sprinkling and getting a little cold, so we decided to go to Chuck E Cheese instead. My mom dropped by and everyone had a lot of fun. We cashed in all of our tickets and had over 6000. We used them to get my graduating daughter a Cinderella Barbie and the baby a little makeup kit. My youngest daughter got the leftovers and had enough to get a ball. I got some pics that I’ll post as soon as I scan them.
After Chuck E Cheese, we went to my son’s house for a family game night. So, we raided 7-11 along the way. Everyone got nachos, slurpees, doughnuts, and whatever. It was kind of funny, there were six of us and as everyone chose what they wanted, they lined it up along the counter. The clerk’s eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger as we loaded it up. I think they thought we were going to just grab everything and run out without paying. But, I treated and everyone walked out with a little bag. When we got to my son’s house, we set up the Monopoly game. It was after nine and a little after we set it up my daughter in-law had to go to bed so she could get up and go to work in the morning. I was a terror at the game. I only had the purple set, but I hoteled it up quickly and no one else could get a monopoly. So, I started knocking people out of the game. My daughter’s boyfriend was first and then my son. When my son went out, he wandered into his room to check on his girlfriend and never came back. I knocked my youngest daughter and my wife out of the game next, but they were conspiring against me by then. When they landed on me, my eldest daughter offered to pay the rent if they would go out to her. So, she ended up getting all of the property, but she couldn’t come up with enough cash to hotel everything up. So, we went back and forth for about an hour until we realized we were the only ones still awake. So, we decided it would be a tie.
Sunday was just a lazy day. We didn’t get home until close to two, so we slept in and then just decided not to really get up. We lounged around catching up on our recorded shows and watching movies. We played a little on the computer but never actually went out of the house.
My daughter’s boyfriend is starting the drawings for my graphic novel. I went out and bought a few drawing pads and he got the pencils and ink. I didn’t actually see him today because I was out most of the day, but I assume he started putting the pencil to the paper. I’m dying to see some of the pages. I only gave him three pages worth of instructions, so I’m going to work on getting him several more tonight. I can’t wait until it is finished.
I was going to take my mom out to see Thor today. I usually spend Monday’s at her house and we were going to a movie at least once a month or so, but we’ve fallen out of the habit. There are several movies that I want to see, but Thor is at the top and its one she wants to see also. But, my brother and his youngest son came over to visit today too. So, we just hung out talking and then played the Monopoly card game. It’s a lot different than the board game, but it is pretty fun. I’ll try to get us out to the movies next Monday. My daughters went and saw Hangover II. They haven’t told me how it was yet, but if it was bad I’m sure they would have said something. The wife and I have been threatening each other to go to the movies for weeks, but we still haven’t gone. This weekend is going to be my eldest daughter’s graduation party, so we probably won’t be going then either.
My brother was telling me that his eldest son who is in college for computer aided drafting is thinking about quitting his part time job so that he will have more free time. He said that his grades are going to start slipping because he isn’t getting enough sleep. So, my brother sat down with him and they added up all of his time between studying, school, and work. It only came up to about 32 hours. I think he’s going to keep the job.
My other brother had an incident. His eldest daughter is diabetic. She has to take insulin five times a day to keep it balanced. Well, she stopped taking it for a few days and nearly slipped into a coma. It was very rough for a couple of days. But, she is ok now. My brother didn’t tell anyone until it was all over.
Well, I better get started working. I’m going to put Stevie Nicks, Billy Joel, and Rod Stewart in the playlist for background music.

Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27

What is going on with our Rockies? This month can’t get over fast enough for them. We dropped another one. That’s like four in a row now. This one was a bad one. We ended up 10-3. Embarrassing. We play the Cardinals again tomorrow and Sunday. Then, we have a west coast divisional smorgasbord. We have San Diego, LA, and San Francisco. Something has to give and it would be a good time for it to happen before we hit those teams.
Did you know that it is much easier to fall asleep while watching a game on a bed than it is on a sofa or chair? Yep, it is. When I woke up, I couldn’t find the remote anywhere. I went to sleep late, so I slept in a little and no one was home when I got up. (They were letting me sleep. It was very nice of them) But, when I did get up, I couldn’t turn on the TV. We had broken that button off a long time ago. So, I needed the remote. I searched everywhere. Finally, I called my wife. She said that she put it down somewhere while she was sorting clothes for laundry. She said that she thought it was in the bedroom. So, I tore apart the bedroom looking for it. No luck. So, I started watching TV in the room on the bed and yep, I fell asleep again. When I woke up, the score was three to three. Then, everyone came home. I got up to eat and when I tried to go back into the room, my youngest daughter was on the bed watching something else. So, I played with my granddaughter until it was time to go to work. As I was leaving, my wife found the remote. It was inside the laundry basket near the bottom of all of the dirty clothes.
There was some good news today. My eldest daughter’s boyfriend is an artist. He’s pretty good too. So, I asked her if she would ask him to draw some pictures for me. (I’ll pay him of course) So, what I’m going to do, with his help, is turn one of my books into a comic book or a graphic novel. I’m going to condense it and lay it out and he’s going to draw the pictures. Then, I’ll scan them in, arrange them into pages, add the lettering, and get them published. I’m very excited. If there is anyone out there that doesn’t know me, I love comic books. I started collecting when I was in grade school and I didn’t stop until my kids started getting bigger. I managed to collect about 13 thousand. I had to sell off a bunch when I wrecked my car and had to get a new one. (All of my X-men are now gone. I had # 1, #94, and Giant size #1. They are the three biggies in X-men world. But, I needed a new car) Then, it just got too expensive and I had to give them up. (I flipped a coin to see if I would keep the kids or keep collecting comics. It was tails) So, now, instead of collecting I’ll make one or maybe more. I don’t think one graphic novel will contain everything from the book even if it is condensed. I might have to split it and make two. That’s even better. I’m going to start with Centaur Planet. If it goes pretty good, I’ll make some of the others. But, since there are two and a half sequels to Centaur Planet, I’ll probably finish that series off first. That is as long as my daughter’s boyfriend can keep pumping out the pictures.
I missed making a blog entry yesterday, because I was just too excited to do anything. Something really good happened and it was just one thing off from being something really great. But, it’s a secret and I can’t put it in here because someone in the family might be reading it.
As a consequence to my graphic novel aspirations, I have to put Gremlin Planet on hold for about a week. I made a list of characters for my daughter’s boyfriend to practice drawing while I draft out how the condensed book will look. So, I am going to start that today. It’s going to take a while, because I’m going to re-read it while I make the draft so as not to miss anything. That means that I need to start now. I’m putting Steely Dan, Eagles, and ZZ Top in the playlist for background music.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25

It was one of those days. Let’s start with the most important stuff. I brought a book to work yesterday. It was what I thought was the next in line in the series. As it turned out, there was one between it and the one that I should have been reading. So, the conundrum was, should I have gone ahead and read it or should I have waited and gotten the other book so I could read them in order. Since I didn’t realize that the book I was reading wasn’t the next one in order until after about thirty pages, I decided to go ahead and read it. If not, I wouldn’t have anything to read and then what would I have done. I was thinking that I could go home and get the right book for today, but by the time I got home from work, I was already a hundred pages into the wrong book. There are only four hundred pages, so I’m just going to read them out of order.
The Rockies lost again. The score was two to one, but I didn’t get to see most of the game. Not only did I keep falling asleep, but it was the American Idol finale. If you haven’t heard already, Scotty won. I was voting for Haley who was voted off last week, but my wife was a Scotty fan from the first time she saw him. Anyway, I didn’t get much sleep today. To start the day, the city was cutting down the tree that fell on my car the other week. Naturally, they started right when I got home after dropping the little woman off at work. So, instead of sleeping, I got to hear a lot of buzzing. That lasted until after nine. Then, everyone kept waking me up to do things. So, I wasn’t too alive for the game. I kept nodding off and my wife would change the channel back to American Idol. I finally just went into the room and fell asleep on the bed. Surprisingly, it was much more comfortable than the computer chair.
Chapter six was kicking my butt yesterday, so I took half the night off. I’m going to get back to it early tonight to get it under my belt. So, I’m putting Kansas, Cinderella, Slaughter, and Pat Benatar into the playlist for background music.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24

The baby didn’t come over today, so I didn’t get to see my granddaughter. But, she should come over tomorrow. It might have been for the better, because the Rockies were playing a double header and I wouldn’t have been able to give her my full attention.
Speaking of the Rockies, We spanked the Diamondbacks on the first game, 4-12. But, we fell a little short on the second game, 5-2. It was pretty rough. The first game was delayed about thirty minutes which was better for me, because I was kind of slow to wake up today and half of the game was over by the time I pulled myself out of bed. The main story of the game was the pitcher De La Rosa. He was hurt and was pulled out of the game. It wasn’t until the second game that we were told he is going to need Tommy John surgery. The second game was a quick one. Tracy was thrown out of the game early when Dexter Fowler came home on a wild pitch. It was very close, and even though I’m a little bias, I say he was safe. The pitcher didn’t get his glove down on Dex until his foot was well onto the plate. After that, we just couldn’t click.
My wife went to train at her new building today. She was supposed to be there for four hours, but there wasn’t that much to learn and she left after an hour and a half. She starts there tomorrow and she might have the rest of the week off because she’s going back to her normal building. We’ll see. If she doesn’t work, I’ll keep her busy. I’ll make her get me breakfast in bed and stuff like that.
I got my car back. The buddy that borrowed it had it cleaned and even put some gas into it. I should have returned the favor, but the game was on. You know how it is. But, it felt good to drive to work in my car again. I know it has only been four days, but it was a long four days.
Today was the last real school day for my eldest daughter. She still has to go to school until Friday, but she doesn’t have to do anything. She only has to go because there is a mandatory amount of days the school has to be open to the students. For example, if a school is closed due to snow, they tack an extra day on at the end of the year. So, she told me that she has to go, but she doesn’t have to learn anything. So, I told her to make sure she learns something today, because it’s her last day of learning. She said that she wouldn’t guarantee anything, but she’d try.
My youngest decided she was going to hit one of her friends. Her friend is a guy and she ended up bruising her hand. That’s what you get for hitting.
I didn’t get as far into chapter 6 as I expected. My idea yesterday didn’t fit as well as I thought it would. But, I should finish it today or get really really close. I’m putting in a bunch of Ratt into the playlist. I was listening to the radio on the way home and whenever they play a Ratt song, they always play the same one. So, I figured I would dedicate today to all of the great Ratt songs out there.

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23

I don’t know what kind of granddaughter my kids are raising, but something is seriously wrong. My wife was spending the day with her today and when I got back home, she told me that she was doing some cleaning. Then, she told me the terrible thing my granddaughter has ever said. She said that my granddaughter told her to let her know the next time my wife was going to clean the bathroom, because she wanted to help. I don’t think myself or any of my kids have ever offered to clean something, much less the bathroom. It’s unnatural. My poor granddaughter has fallen into a bad habit and I’m just going to have to break her of it.
Speaking of my granddaughter, she didn’t want to go home this weekend. Friday night after we came back from going out to dinner and this afternoon after she spent the night, she just started crying. She’s not prone to throwing fits or anything. I just think she was having so much fun that she didn’t want to stop. But, when we pick her up, she always tells us that she can’t stay too long because she needs to get back to her home so she can play with the little girls downstairs and across the street.
It was a good thing that the prom was going on this weekend, because it drew my attention away from the Rockies fiasco. The stupid Brewers swept us. They were close games and all, and they came off of Jason Giambi’s awesome three home run game the other day. We were on an upswing and then we head off to Milwaukie. They didn’t televise Sunday’s game which really sucked. Ubaldo pitched on Saturday, and he stayed in until late in the game which is good, but he still hasn’t won a game this year. The boys were off today and they have a double header at home tomorrow against Arizona. But, that puts us four games back from the Giants and only a half a game up from the Diamondbacks. We are only one game over five hundred and the Diamondbacks haven’t been above five hundred yet this year. We can’t let them get there now. We need to sweep Arizona here to get everything back on track. Then, we can worry about overtaking the Giants.
As I mentioned above, this weekend was my eldest daughter’s prom. On Friday night, the night of the prom, we took the kids out to get their picture taken. We didn’t want to leave it to chance at the prom. (Sometimes, those pictures don’t turn out so good and sometimes the kids forget to get them taken) So, we go to the place and they turn out pretty good. But, we didn’t have time to wait around for them to develop, even though they said it would only take a half hour. Instead, we took everyone out to eat. Since it was a special occasion, we decided to go somewhere nice and somewhere we haven’t been before. We were downtown, and there are a lot of nice places there. We decided on Mexican and found a nice looking place called El Noa Noa. With my daughter’s prom date, there were eight of us and two cars. We should have been discouraged because there wasn’t adequate parking. But, it looked nice on the outside, so we parked on a side street and went in anyway. (Big mistake) We all sat down and someone took our drink order. By the time they actually brought our drinks, my daughter and her date had to go or they would miss the prom. (Yeah, it was that long) To top it off, they forgot some of the drinks. We assumed that they just couldn’t carry all of them and they would bring the forgotten drinks on a return trip. Nope! Everyone had finished their drink and were hoping for refills or someone to come take our order. Since no one came, my son got up and crossed the room to where all of the waitresses and waiters were standing around talking. He got them to bring the missing drinks and bring refills. And, they even took our order. The food came quickly and it was good. The servings were big and we received what we ordered. But, we made the mistake of assuming the service would improve. It didn’t. Mexican food can be hot at times, and sometimes you need to get another refill while you are eating. That didn’t happen. With dry cups, and dirty plates all over the table, we waited and waited and waited until we could flag someone down. We didn’t want to stay any longer, so we asked for boxes to take the leftovers in and for the check. When the guy finally brought everything over, I had my credit card in hand. I intended to slip it into the check folder and give it right back. I didn’t even care if I checked the total or looked for a discrepancy. But, even though the waiter saw that I had it ready, he just dropped it off and turned away. We had to wait another twenty minutes before he would come back and pick it up. And then, we had to wait another twenty minutes after he picked it up to bring it back. I have a tendency to be a chincy tipper when the ice tea doesn’t taste very good. So, I knew that I wasn’t going to leave a big tip. Since the service was so bad at this place, I actually didn’t leave a tip at all. It was the first time in my history of going to restaurants that I didn’t leave at least something. So, anyone that reads this, do not go to Le Noa Noa on 722 Santa Fe Drive in Denver unless you like being ignored, have several hours to kill, and you have brought in a thermos.
Prom went ok. My daughter said that she had fun. They took the van and said that they were going to go to a movie and walk along the sixteenth mall after it was over. During the night, they called and said that they were going to spend the night at my son’s house. That meant that they were going to stay out late and didn’t want us to know when they were getting in or where they were going. But, they are good kids and they didn’t get into any trouble. My youngest daughter wanted to go to an after prom party. She’s a junior and wanted to go to the prom too. (It was open to juniors) We were going to let her go to the after prom party for a little while, but her ride fell through and she ended up staying home.
The day after prom was a recovery day. We went to pick up the baby because when she went home crying Friday night, I told her that I would pick her up Saturday and take her out to get ice cream. We did and then went to run some errands. At around fivish, we decided to go get something to eat. We drove to about five different fast food places before we decided on Carl’s Jr. For some reason, something went wrong at all of the places we were going to stop at. For instance, Pizza Hut used to have a really nice salad bar. When we got there, the whole thing was remodeled and the salad bar was gone. It just wasn’t a good eating weekend.
Since there wasn’t any baseball, we had to sit around and talk to each other. (Longest weekend ever) No, just kidding. My wife played Farmville and Cafeworld all evening. My youngest daughter watched a Harry Potter marathon. I played with my granddaughter and made way too much noise. My eldest daughter slept all day recovering from the prom.
My wife’s old job called her and begged her to come back. They just couldn’t replace her. So, she starts back up next Monday. She was already scheduled for different places this week. One of her friends at work went into the hospital. She has pneumonia. She was in all weekend and just got the breathing tube pulled out today. My wife wanted to go visit her today, but I had the car. So, she called. Her friend is doing better, but it was very rocky for a while.
I finished chapter 5 and started chapter 6. I should get pretty far into it today. I might even get most of it done. I had an idea on the way to work that I want to incorporate into this chapter. So, I’m putting Dire Straits, Chicago, and the Eagles into the playlist for background music while I get started.

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20

Not a good way to start a Friday at work. Every workday, I stop at 7-11 to get a double big gulp of ice tea. It’s a huge cup and I make it last all night. Well, today I stop off and everything is going fine. I get halfway to work and as I turn a corner, there it went. The whole thing dumped down onto the floorboard. I’m not late, but it’s getting tight. Still, I turn around and head back to 7-11. It was nice of the clerk. He let me refill for free. I jump back in the car and head back toward the job. This time, however, I keep my hand over the top. I don’t want to have the same thing happen twice. Then, (Dramatic pause) that stupid seatbelt buzzer goes off at nearly the same place I dumped my ice tea the first time. It is so annoying that I take my hand away from the ice tea and I grumpily reach for the seatbelt. Wouldn’t you know, my ice tea falls again. This time, there is a red light coming up and I manage to stop and scoop the cup up from the lid. It didn’t come all the way off and I was able to salvage about half of the cup. When I got to work, I scooped out all of the ice, but now I’m going to have to clean the car. (It’s not mine)
We are in the bottom of the 13th inning and we took the lead. We are three outs away from beating the Brewers. It’s been an interesting night. Tulo was ejected for arguing with the ump about balls and strikes after getting hosed on a call. Jason Giambi puts home another homer. Awe!!! The Brewers just hit a homer tying it up again. Come on Rockies!!!
My wife is working a ten hour day today. She went in at 3 and is getting off at 1 in the morning. So, we’re playing leapfrog with the car. She’s working close enough to walk over and pick up the car when she gets off, but then she’s either going to have to wake up early tomorrow to pick me up or I’m walking.
There are two outs in the bottom of the 13th, but there is a guy on third. Come on Rockies!!!
I nearly finished chapter 5 yesterday. I was pretty close, but I ran out of time. There were a few other things I had to do.
Going to the 14th inning, Woo Hoo!!!
Anyway, after the game, I’m going to put Bread, Meatloaf, Steve Perry, Gordon Lightfoot, and Jim Croce into the playlist for background music. I should get pretty far into chapter 6.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19

I don’t know what the problem with a 2003 Suzuki LX-7 is, but no one carries a battery for them. That might be why the previous owner turned the car in. (That, or the fact that it guzzles gas like a baby sucking on a bottle) We were planning on putting a new battery in from the first day we got it. Naturally, after we drove it off of the lot, we found out that the battery only had enough of a charge to start it one or two times. (Another good reason not to go to Go Chevrolet off of I-25, don’t get me started again. Worst dealership in Colorado) For one reason or another, we didn’t get the new one. We just jumped it whenever it didn’t start and told ourselves that we would do it at our next earliest convenience. Well, that never came. (Yeah, we subscribe to the ideal of not doing something today if you can put it off for tomorrow) Anyway, a good friend of ours needed a car to get him to a wedding in Las Vegas. So, we agreed to let him borrow our car in exchange for his car. He didn’t think that his would make it. But, after driving it, it seemed good to me. Actually, it drove very smoothly and best of all, it had a cup holder that would hold my gigantic 7-11 double big gulp cup. To make a long story short, we figured we better get our car up to snuff so that he doesn’t break down in the middle of the Nevada desert. We went everywhere to find a battery without any luck. Finally, we went to Sears auto department. And, what do you know, they had three. They must have been hording them all so that the other stores wouldn’t have any. The only problem was that they were closing. So, we couldn’t get an oil change or tune up or have them put the battery in. So, we bought the battery before it disappeared and my wife was going to put it in, in their parking garage. (It had lights and it wasn’t raining inside) Naturally, we had to go upstairs into the main Sears store to buy tools. When she finally had it switched out, I took the dead battery back to Sears so that they would refund the fifteen dollar core fee. Unfortunatly, the lady at the register didn’t know how to do it. All she knew was how to charge it. So, I had to bring the batter back out to the car and we’ll have to exchange it over the weekend when competent people are working. Then, we threw in a couple of quarts of cheap oil and decided to do the oil change when our friend comes back. It was quite an adventure.
Speaking of adventures, Jason Giambi hit three homeruns in today’s game. It was awesome. He had a couple more at bats and I was on the edge of my seat hoping he would hit another one. But, I had to settle for the 7-1 win. But, one homerun is great. Two is awesome, three in one game is incredible. The announcers said that there had been fifteen players that have hit four in one game, and on one of them the team that hit the four in one game didn’t even win. That’s scary. I’m defiantly going to have to watch the replay tomorrow.
My granddaughter is spending the night tonight. My daughter in-law was hired on full time and the kids wanted to celebrate. I think we were driving my wife a little crazy. When the two of us get together, we tend to be a little loud. But, we were having fun. Her favorite baseball player is Giambi, so we were having fun rooting for him while he was up. She also learned a new word. She had a toy cowgirl and horse we were playing with. So, as I was making the cowgirl jump onto the horse, I said Yippee-ki-a. She liked it and started saying it whenever someone said something to her. But, I left off the person’s name at the end. She was very adamant about saying Yippee-ki-a Grandma or Yippee-ki-a Grandpa. I guess everyone needed to know who she was talking to.
Well, time to get to work. I’m putting old Van Halen, when David Lee Roth was still in the band, Dio, Twisted Sister, Scorpions, and Kick Axe into the playlist for background music.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18

Well, we dropped the first game against the Phillies. It was a low scoring game. They got a run in the fifth inning and then we caught them in the seventh. It looked like we were going to take the lead, but the one run was the only one we got. The Phillies snuck in another run in the eighth and it gave us three outs to tie or win. The ninth inning looked good. We had a guy on second and Tracy put in Giambi to pinch hit. There were two outs and everything looked good. Then, the ump called a strike on an obvious ball. It was high and out of the strike zone. The TV camera showed a close up of Giambi’s face, He couldn’t believe it and let the ump know about it. But, it looked like it flustered the big guy and he ended up striking out. It was kind of demoralizing. We are one in eleven at Philadelphia. We need to take tomorrow’s game to get us back on track. De La Rosa pitched a really good game. He stayed in the entire time.
It was a very rainy day today. There were tornados and hailstorms. It got pretty bad for a while. Last time we had weather like this, the basement at work flooded. I was kind of looking forward to seeing it like that when I came in, but it didn’t. The building engineers must have fixed whatever was leaking last year.
The car died again today. The girls were going to the store to pick up some snacks, but when they went out to turn the car on, it didn’t want to do anything. So, we had to have it jumped. We are definitely going to get a new battery tomorrow. And, we’ll throw in an oil change and maybe a tune up for good measure. Now that we have only one car, we can’t afford to let it get messed up. But, the important thing was that we got our snacks.
I made it about halfway through chapter five yesterday. I’ll try to finish that up tonight and maybe even get started on chapter six. I’m putting Foreigner, Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stephens, and Poison in the playlist tonight for background music.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17

The Rockies pulled out another one. We had a GREEEEEAAAAAT eighth inning. We were down one to three most of the game. Ubaldo put in his best showing. He stayed in the game until the sixth or seventh. I can’t remember at the moment. But, in the Eighth, we got into our stride. We put up four more runs and closed out the game in nine innings. It was Carlos Gonzalez that was the hero both today and Monday. He had the break out hit that put us over the top to win the games. We are back in first place in the west and we are heading out to Philly for two days. They are a good team, so this should be an interesting series. We are officially 22-18 and a half game over the Giants.
My eldest daughter had a school ditch day today. I remember my ditch day when I was a senior. My girlfriend at the time and I spent the day in Phoenix. It was fun. My daughter’s ditch day didn’t actually start until after lunch. Since she gets out of school at one forty five, it wasn’t really much of a ditch day. But, I guess you take what you can get. For some reason, my youngest daughter, a junior, also participated in the senior ditch day. I’m not really sure how she worked that, but she did. I should have probably punished her or something, but she was explaining it to me and I just got confused. It was better to just let it go and turn my attention back to the game.
One of the bad things about having an early game is that when it is over, there is nothing else to watch on TV. My kids were so tired from ditch day one of them fell asleep and the other went out with her boyfriend. My wife was at work and my granddaughter went home. So, I pulled up my Farmville and didn’t have much to do on it. So, I waited for my crop to harvest and read through all of the postings. When I was able to harvest my England farm, I was kind of happy because it was going to finish one of the projects and maybe move up to the next set of projects. But, I forgot to use one of my bushels so that I would get double mastery for whatever it was I was growing and was twenty plots off of finishing the project. So, I had to plant the same thing again and wait for another sixteen hours. Bummer.
Yesterday was kind of a depressing day for some reason. I didn’t get much work done. So, I’m going to get started early today. I’m putting the Cars, Kiss, Heart, and Duran Duran into the playlist for background music.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16

Ok, the Rockies are up and down. We dropped the series to the Padres after a really good Friday game. But, San Diego is really making a run for something. They also beat Arizona today. Their bats are really kicking butt. Which is bad for me because my brother is a big Padres fan. But, we came back and spanked the Giants today and they had their ace pitcher Lincecum on the mound. They started off with a one run lead. Then we came and got a couple. Then they came and got a couple. Then, we had a rocking sixth inning. Seth Smith started it off with a solo homer and Carlos Gonzalez finished it off with a three run homer. We ended up beating them seven to four. Our Pitcher Mortensen did a great job. And Huston Street, our closer, pitched nine pitches all strikes to end the game. It was sweet.
My daughter finally found her prom dress tonight. It’s nice. The prom is in a few days. The school kept saying it was canceled and then on again. So, we waited until the last minute to get her a dress. My youngest wanted to go to it also. (The only reason it is on again is because they are letting the juniors go. Not enough participation with only the seniors) But, since we waited so long, we couldn’t afford to get two dresses on such short notice. By the way, school is out in a week. I’m sure it took forever for the girls, but it kind of crept up on me.
My wife went to work at the WB building again this weekend. She brought a book and played on the computer instead of watching TV all day. It made the day go by much quicker. But, it sucked for me. She was working seven to seven both days. On Saturdays, I usually get off work and sleep for a few hours and then spend the rest of the day with the family. That way, I sleep at night and reverse my schedule. Since she wasn’t there, I slept until three which is my usual wake up time. But, that meant that I couldn’t sleep at night and just messed me up for the whole weekend. But, I shouldn’t talk, she isn’t very familiar with the area out in Broomfield and didn’t know where to go for lunch. So, she got a hotdog at a gas station convenience store. (Big mistake) She was paying for that all day today and last night.
I created a new monster. I got my mom hooked on Farmville. She was playing it over the weekend and I helped her with some of the things today when I went over to visit. Now, she’s a mean green Farmville machine. So, if she friends or neighbors you, you better respond. She wouldn’t slap you around or anything like that. But, she might not make you cookies or goodies anymore.
Speaking of goodies, my nephew wants to get another Chuck E Cheese family get together started. He didn’t get to make it to the barbeque two weekends ago and it was his daughter’s first time going to Chuck E Cheese. She loved it and I’m sure she’s been badgering him to bring her back. So, that will be fun.
I finished chapter four over the weekend. I’m starting chapter five tonight. I didn’t work on the River of Magic like I thought. So, I might try to get some of that done this week. But, Gremlin Planet is cruzin right along. I’m putting some Led Zeppelin, Phil Collins, Boston, and Styx in the playlist for background music, so I better get started. As I was driving over, after the game ended, a Metallica song came on the radio. I was going to have a nice rock and roll night, but it’s hard to bang your head and type at the same time. Besides, I had already started putting some of that other stuff in.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

TWELVE to SEVEN, what a way to spend the only Friday the 13th this year. Now that’s the way we should be swinging the bats. Yesterday the Rockies fell out of first place in our division. We lost the first game of the season and that was the only time that we had been something other than number one. Well, it must have set a fire up under the players, because we turned around and started hitting base hit after base hit. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Unfortunately I had to come to work and missed the last two innings. But, when I got here, our nine to seven turned into a twelve to seven win. Yeah buddy. The giants lost today, so we are now officially tied with them in first place. We play the Padres two more times over the weekend and then we play the Giants here at home. This is our chance to pull back into the lead. When we beat them, that will put us two games over them and back into the lead. Let’s hope that the hitting slump is over for good and we can start hitting a couple of good winning streaks. We need our May to be much better than our April.
For being in the bottom of our division, the Padres really gave us a run for the money. We came off strong in the first inning, but they kept slowly eating away at our lead. They just wouldn’t go quietly into the night. And, we had some good pitching. But, every time they got a run, we struck back the next at bat and took it away from them. It was a very good game. I’m going to have to watch the replay tomorrow.
My wife woke me up accidentally this afternoon a little after one and naturally I couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I’m going to be tired tonight. But, I get to sleep in tomorrow so it’s all good. Since I was up, I nearly finished chapter 3. I’m a stone’s throw away from it, so I’ll definitely finish it tonight. Then, it’s on to chapter four. I have been flirting with the idea of going back to the River of Magic. Some ideas have been jumping into my head and I want to get them down on paper before I forget them. So, I might work on both of them tonight.
I just got a call from my boss saying that the big boss is on his way down here, so I might not get as much done as I thought. We’ll see how long he stays. It usually isn’t very long. But, he might give me another project. Bummer. Until then, I’m putting Queen, Def Leopard, and Pink Floyd in the playlist for background Friday night music.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11

The wife wasn’t sure if she liked her new position at the new building. There isn’t much to it, but a large part of her job is to sit there and watch TV. They provide all of the cable channels and pay per view. But, no matter how many times I tell her that I could sit there and watch TV for eight hours a day, it’s not that easy. She tried to watch the regular TV channels, but as everyone knows there isn’t anything worth watching during the day time. So, she watched Speed (Number 1, the good one), 1,000,000 BC, and the Haunting of Mary somebody. I’m pretty sure I watched that one at the theater and I don’t think it was very good. She didn’t say one way or the other. She’s back there tomorrow and then for twelve hours each day of the weekend. We’ll give her until then to decide if she likes it or not.
The Rockies were rained out today. I think I heard that they are going to make it up tomorrow. I hope so. If not, that will be two days without baseball. We lost yesterday’s game 4-3. It was rain delayed during the seventh inning. But, tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s, so it should be a nice day for it.
Like every other day this and last week, I didn’t get a chance to get any work done. People are going to start talking if I don’t get going on it. I thought I was going to have plenty of time yesterday, but it just didn’t work out the way I wanted it to.
My eldest daughter didn’t have to take the bus to the Army today. It was rained out like the game. It was only PT training. They’ll probably have them make it up tomorrow. My youngest daughter’s ankle is still swollen. She went to school today and even stayed after to help with the soccer practice. She was supposed to use a cane to help her walk, but she didn’t want the other kids to make fun of her. So, she just tuffed it out and kept it wrapped up.
Since there was no game on, I ended up watching American Idol. They are already down to the final four, with one more going home tomorrow. I thought I was going to watch it when it started, but I would much rather watch baseball.
Not much else happened today except I got a really bad chicken sandwich from McDonalds. It was all dry and shriveled. Not worth the price.
I’m putting Journey, Yes, A-ha, Blondie, Sheena Easton, Men at Work, and 38 Special into the playlist tonight. Time to get started.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10

We had a rain delay during the Rockies game tonight. Right in the middle of Dexter Fowler’s at bat, they called a halt to the game. They didn’t resume until I was already on my way to work. Dex was sitting at 2 and 2 when he got back up and he fouled one into his knee and had to be taken out. We ended up being short one run at the end of the ninth and dropped the second game in the series with the Mets. Carlos, Tulo and Seth all made single homers, but we only had a person in scoring position once during the entire game. We need to get our bats straightened out again, especially because we have a tough schedule coming up.
My wife cooked up some chicken breasts today and oooooohhhhhhh they were sooooo good. I sliced up one and a half into a salad and turned the other one and a half into a chicken sandwich. It was really good. She also made a shrimp cocktail, but I didn’t get any of that. I was too much of a pig with the chicken. But, I’ll get some tomorrow. She made about a punch bowl full. So, there will definitely be seconds.
My youngest daughter hurt her ankle yesterday. It is all swollen up and bruised. She didn’t go to school today and she might not go tomorrow. But, we wrapped it up and put some Icy/hot on it. Using a cane, she’s been walking on it so that it won’t get too stiff. Hopefully she’ll be ok to go to school tomorrow. Even though she didn’t go to school, she wanted us to take her to a Subway that is hiring. She’s trying to get a summer job. We’ll take her on Friday. It’s not the best day for interviews, but I don’t want to take her hurt and Friday my wife is working only a half day. She’ll be able to take her then.
I didn’t even see my other daughter today. I don’t know what she’s been up to. Unfortunately, because of our new car and job situation, she’s going to have to take the bus tomorrow and the next day to the Army. I was thinking that we might have to get a new car sooner than we anticipated, but she’s only going to be in school for another three weeks. I don’t think taking a bus for three weeks will kill her. Besides, my wife probably won’t work way out in Broomfield for that long. They are going to put her somewhere downtown pretty soon. Then, my daughter can just drop her off and take the car.
Well, I didn’t do anything last night. I got stuck on other things. So, I’m going to try to get chapter three done today. It seems like I’ve been on this chapter for a month now. So, now that the Rockies game is over, I’m going to put in ELO, Queen, Eagles, and April Wine in the playlist for background music and get started.

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9

Where to start..? Where to start? It was a very full weekend. We had a very good barbeque on Mother’s Day. Most of my sister’s kids didn’t show up. But, the one that did brought her new boyfriend over. He seemed ok. He was very attentive of her son and at least he talked to everyone. A lot of the time when someone brings a boyfriend or girlfriend over, they never speak with anyone. I was in charge of the hamburgers and finding the park to have the barbeque at. I guess my directions weren’t the best in the world because it took everyone a little bit to find the place. I got there a little early so that I could set up the grill and the canopies and tables and chairs. Then, I left my daughter to watch everything as I went to pick up the rest of the family. We get nearly all the way back to the park when my wife remembers we forgot the hamburgers, the buns, and half the condiments. When we all got there, we played a little ball and everyone started catching up. I decided to get the hamburgers and hotdogs started, so I slap them on the grill. When it comes time to flip them, however, I realize that we didn’t bring a spatula. Not a good start. We ended up using a knife to flip them.
Have you ever seen those movies where two old people get together on a park bench or somewhere and all they talk about is their ailments? Well, I don’t know how we got on the subject, but one of my brothers and I got to talking and wouldn’t you know, all of our aches and pains were the topics. My niece’s new boyfriend was right there listening and he was smiling. I could just hear him thinking that we were those two old people sitting on one of those park benches. Yeah, I felt really old. But, I could still throw that football. I couldn’t catch it, but I could throw it across the field.
Even though we had three canopies, I still managed to get a really nice sun burn. My entire face and arms are all red. Shaving for work was an experience today, but the worst part was taking a shower. My burn really didn’t want hot water to be used in the shower. So, I took a quick one and then let the cold water just run over my head. That water got really cold really quick. But, the burn felt good for about thirty seconds.
My mom had fun. We called my sister who lives in Nevada. She works for Amazon and they are sending her to Canada for a few weeks when they open their new distribution center up there. She was saying that she might even take a position out there if they offer it to her. She’s been in Nevada for I don’t know how many years and I still haven‘t visited her out there. I’m going to have to put in a much better effort to visit her if she moves out of the country.
The Rockies had a rough weekend. We lost four in a row. The Giants swept us. Half the time, we led through most of the game and lost in the ninth or in extra innings. It really sucked. The worst part was that I didn’t get to see hardly any of them. But, the losing streak is over. We beat the Mets tonight. It was also a close game. Chris Iannetta really came through. He hit a double and was brought home by Dexter Fowler. Then, he hit the only home run. It was pretty exciting. I was able to watch most of it. During the bottom of the seventh, I had to take my granddaughter home and go to work. When we got in the car, she was so talkative, that I forgot to put the game on in the radio. It wasn’t until I was driving away from her house that I even thought about it. When I go to work from her house, the easiest way is to pass right by Coors Field. So, as I was driving, I started thinking about calling my wife to see what inning they were in. If it was a later inning, I would have to drive around the long way to miss the traffic. Then, I nearly hit myself in my sunburned head. I turned it on quickly and was able to catch the last at bat of the Mets.
The wife and I went to see Fast Five, the latest installment in the Fast and Furious movie series. It was great and action packed. They brought all of the guys back from the first ones. (Not including the stupid Tokyo Drift one that didn’t belong in the series) And, they brought in the Rock. He is one big dude. It looked like he bulked up for the film. He and Diesel were on opposing sides and of course, they had to get into a fight. It was really good. (For some reason, the Rock sweated through the whole movie. I don’t know if that was planned or not. No one else was that sweaty) I hadn’t gone to see a movie in such a long time. We even finished the popcorn, and it was a huge bucket.
My wife got placed in a new building temporarily. So, she’s working five days. Her dollar per hour is going to change, but at least she is working. She’ll be working as a floater until they place her somewhere permanently. We’ll see how it goes. She wants to find a new job. It’s been time to move on for a while. She had been there for four years and there is no opportunity for advancement. She hasn’t decided if she wants to go back to school or just jump back into the job market. But, depending on where this new building is, we’re going to be tight on the car. I get off at 6 and she has to go out to Broomfield and start at 7. It’s going to be close. We’re going to check it out tomorrow after I wake up. Since it is going out of town, she shouldn’t have to deal with too much traffic. Most of that will be trying to get into town at rush hour. We’ll see.
Well, I better start working. I’m putting Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, Motley Crew, and Def Leopard in the playlist for background music. (Heavy on the Def Leopard)

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6

Something happened to the dog today. When I woke up, I didn’t notice that she wasn’t around. She is usually outside when I get up and doesn’t come inside until my wife gets home. When she did today, she asked where Canela was and I had no idea. Everyone went out looking for her, but she was nowhere in sight. We had the fence pretty secure. It would have taken her a lot of work to get out of the fence. So, we’re thinking that someone came into the yard and took her. I would hate to think that she was out lost somewhere with nothing to eat and unsure how to get back home. If someone did take her, I hope they are taking care of her.
The Rockies are still playing again. The game was delayed to celebrate Willie Mays’s birthday. So, I only got to watch the first half hour of the game. We’re up three to nothing at the moment in the sixth. Yesterday, I was so upset. We were up by two for the whole game until the ninth inning. Then, the Diamondbacks got two homers to tie us. We went into overtime and they beat us in the eleventh. It was very frustrating. We had a bunch of opportunities, but we just couldn’t capitalize. Today is going to be different. Ubaldo is doing great on the mound and everyone is hitting pretty well. I’m off for the weekend, so I’m finally going to be able to see a whole game. That is unless we do something as a family. We’re going to have a barbeque on Sunday for Mother’s Day, but it should be over before the game ends.
My eldest daughter had her awards ceremony for JROTC. I didn’t get to go, but my wife took her mom and my mom. They got a bunch of pictures, but I forgot to bring them so I could post them on Facebook. I’ll do that tomorrow. She received two metals. The only bad thing that anyone said about it was it was too hot. They had it outside on the school football field and the sun was blazing down.
I’m really looking forward to this weekend. For some reason, this last week seemed off. I just couldn’t get things together. It’s time for a new week.
I didn’t get any work done yesterday. I tried, but I just wasn’t into it. I’ll definitely get something done today. I’m putting Rush, America, Deep Purple, Eric Clapton and Pat Benatar in the playlist for background music. (After the game of course)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5

Ok, the game is still on again tonight. I really don’t think I like these late games when I have to work. We ended up winning last night and we are two to nothing tonight. It’s been a long time since we’ve won a series in Arizona, so I’m hoping nothing bad happens. We had plenty of opportunities to get more runs during the early innings, but we just couldn’t capitalize. It’s the seventh inning now, so this is probably going to be another short blog entry.
I was really hurting last night. For some reason, I haven’t been sleeping. Last night, I kept catching myself as I was nodding off. I had to get up and walk around just to keep awake. I don’t think it would have looked too good if the early morning guys came in and found me spread out on the counter here asleep. So, I tried going right to sleep this morning around eight and I slept all the way until three. But, I still feel like I could go right back to bed. Unfortunately tomorrow is the presentation where my daughter is going to receive her medals for JROTC. She’s going to get a couple of them. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to make it because it is at ten in the morning. I’m sure I’ll be right in the middle of a dream about then.
Since I was so sleepy, I’m pretty sure I messed up whatever I wrote yesterday on Chapter 3. I’m going to have to reread it before I get going. In my mind I know what I wanted to say, but I can’t swear my fingers typed what my brain was telling them. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish chapter 3 today. But, if there is a bunch of rewrites I have to do, it probably won’t be until tomorrow. I’m putting on some Moody Blues, Culture Club, Eric Carmen, and Jim Croce into the playlist tonight for some background music, but I won’t be able to start until after the game.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4

Today was just a bad day for sleeping. My wife had a meeting at the office today, so she came home around ten or eleven. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t do it. Then, the baby came over to play and I spent a few hours tickling and turning her upside down and playing monster. I got a little sleepy after dinner. I think I dozed in the chair waiting for the game to come on, but didn’t get to sleep until it started. I did wake up in time to see the Rockies slam home a few runs. They had a couple of really good hitting innings. Chris Ianetta banged in a three run homer. Todd Helton slammed two runs in on a double. He’s going to surpass the all time double record this year as long as he stays healthy. That will be real nice. We ended up losing yesterday 4-3. The game is still going on again tonight. I have the radio on, but it’s not the same as watching it. My granddaughter told me she wants to go to another game. So, I guess that settles it. I’m going to have to get some tickets pretty soon.
My eldest daughter was processed in at her Army company today. She has her official military ID and less than thirty days until she graduates. After that, she’ll be on her way to boot camp. I need to get a new Army sticker for the car. The other one was totaled after the tree fell on it. I’m sure she can get me one though.
Not much else happened today that I know of. So, I better get started. I’m putting Pink Floyd in the playlist tonight. I was going to put some other bands, but there were just too many good Floyd songs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3

It’s a good thing that no one reads my blog or I would have to write a retraction. Yes, I made a mistake. I said that we were playing the Giants today, but we are really playing the Diamondbacks. In fact, it is on at this very moment. It didn’t start here until about seven forty, so I was only able to see the first few innings. Now, I’ll have to listen to it on the radio at work. It’s the top of the eighth and we are tied at three to three. I did get to see Carlos Gonzales hit a homer. It’s nice to see that, he’s been hitting, just not hitting homers. This is his second of the season. Maybe it will start something good with the bats. As soon as I said it, Todd Helton nearly hit a home run. It hit the very top of the fence and it should have been a homer.
Well, the big news today is my wife is going to a different site at her job. She’s going down to the office tomorrow to find out what’s going on. She’s probably going to use this opportunity to go back to school or maybe go looking for another job. She hadn’t been happy where she was for a long time. She’s been there for 4 years now. It is definitely time for a change. I feel sorry for the place when she’s gone. The new boss doesn’t know what he’s doing and she took care of everything. Someone is going to have to step up or it’s going to fall apart around their ears. (I might be interested in seeing that though)
For some reason, the baby was eating everything in sight today. Unfortunately for me, she came to me to ask if she could have most of it and pretty much all of it was either candy or cookies. Yep, I got in trouble.
We’re planning a barbeque this weekend on Sunday for Mother’s Day. It should be fun. I got hold of everyone and told them what we were doing and who was bringing what. Usually it is my wife that does it, she likes taking charge of those kinds of things. While I was calling my niece to invite her, she let slip that someone was pregnant. So, it looks like I’m going to be a great uncle again. But, I haven’t talked to the expectant yet, so I better do that pretty soon.
This blog is taking about an hour to write, because I’m listening to the game on the radio. I want to concentrate on both and it is just not working. So, after the game, I’m going to put on some Motley Crew, Ratt, Aerosmith, and White Lion in the playlist for background music to get through the night.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 02

Can you believe it? I saw Ubaldo Jimenez walking out of the bank today when I went to pick up my wife from work. It is a day off for the Rockies and he was just walking like a normal person. I don’t know what I expected, but I just figured celebrities would all have body guards flanking them everywhere they went or something like that. I’m sure he has people coming up to him all the time looking for autographs, so I didn’t say anything to him, but I did nod and he nodded back. Speaking of the Rockies, they dropped two of three to the Pirates. (Ubaldo pitched yesterday’s loss, bummer) We went to their win on Saturday. It was our first game of the season, and it was cold. I knew it was going to be a little cold, but it was COLD COLD. There were about ten of us, so I dropped everyone off half a block away and went downtown to park the car in my wife’s work parking spot. (Free) Then, I walked back to the game. I got there right when they were taking the field. My granddaughter sat with me most of the game. She really had fun. We were singing and clapping and yelling at the players. We did the “Here we go Rockies, here we go” most. But, she decided the Pirates needed a song to, so she made up one that said “Don’t go Pirates, don’t go” She’s so cute. By the seventh inning, however, everyone was frozen and ready to go. So, I went to pick up the car and missed the last three innings. (Next time when the wife packs up the blankets and stuff, I don’t think we’re going to make fun of her. Not me of course, it was the kids) We’re taking on the Giants tomorrow. I hope we have as good a May as we did an April. We ended up 17 and 9. We’re three games up in the National League West and fourth in baseball. It looks like the Yankees, Indians, and the Marlins are ahead of us. But, all that can change with the swing of a bat.
We helped my sister-in-law move this weekend. I’m sure everyone knew about it, but I didn’t know until a few hours before we went to help her. And, of course, she had to be completely moved out by that evening. We got all of the big furniture out before we got the call. Her twelve year old daughter was babysitting her eight year old son while everyone was helping move. What happened was the two got into an argument over the TV remote or something and the little one called 911 on his sister. Since the sister-in-law had to stay so that everyone could unload the latest truckload into her new place (Her boyfriend’s parent’s house), my wife and I rushed back to find out what happened and wait for the police. As it turned out, after the little one called 911, he hung up as soon as someone answered. Naturally, they called back. The older one answered. When the operator asked to speak to an adult, she didn’t know what to do because there weren’t any there. So, she hung up on the 911 operator. They called back again and naturally, the twelve year old didn’t answer the phone. But, when they were explaining it to us, they said it was ok because they deleted the history on the caller ID. We made the kids talk to the police when they showed up and they firmly made it clear to them that 911 wasn’t a toy. The cops were pretty cool about everything when I talked to them, but I noticed something. They were little guys. I was a head taller than both of them, and they were skinny and real young. I guess I don’t have enough interaction with the police, because I was expecting some big guy.
After the move, we stopped off at a truck stop to eat. There is a TA on the way back and they had signs for a sit in restaurant along with a Pizza Hut, Popeye’s Chicken, and a Burger King. Naturally everyone wanted something different, so we stopped. We were thinking about going to the sit down restaurant, so we went to look at the menu. There was an all you can eat buffet and a salad bar that didn’t look too bad. While we were standing there looking, the girls moved behind my wife and I. I guess I had a confused look on my face because my youngest pointed behind me. I didn’t notice anything at first, but there was a guy over in the phone section that had his phone up. He was taking a video of my girls and the other girls in the truck stop. (Very creepy) When he saw me looking, he stopped. We decided to go the other side of the store where the fast food section was. I made sure he didn’t follow. The food was good, I split a chicken alfredo pasta dish from Pizza Hut with my youngest daughter and I had a po’boy sandwich from Popeye’s. They were both really good.
Well, this posting is getting pretty long, so I’ll stop here for today. I’m going to put on some Night Ranger, Chicago, and REO Speedwagon into the playlist for background music. I started chapter three on Friday, but I didn’t get very far into it. I’ll work on that today. But, like Friday, I have to split my time between my project and my book. (I really hate it when work gets in the way of my work, when I’m at work)