Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25

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Let’s start with the good news. The Rockies just beat the Nationals in the first game of their series here in Denver. The score was 4-2. I was able to see most of it before I had to go to work and it was a very good game. Our starting pitcher did very well. The other guy’s pitcher was good too and for a while I thought we were going to be in trouble. But, they had a great inning 5th and 6th inning that put us up and then we stayed there for the rest of the game. Let’s hope we can continue this win for the rest of the series and longer. The only bad thing that happened was that Scutaro got beaned in the head with a pitch. It looked like he wanted to stay in, but they took him out. We’re still like sixteen games under five hundred, but the road back starts with that first game.
I managed to go see three movies this week. It’s nice not having a ton of overtime for once. Anyway, I went to see Prometheus, Rock of Ages, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I am happy to say that I liked all three of them. Prometheus was the best of the three. I went to see it last Monday. (Not in 3D) I knew it was going to be a prequel to the Alien series and they did a really good job story-wise. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. I had heard a lot of bad reviews about Rock of Ages, and I really thought that Tom Cruse was a bad choice for this type of movie. So, I figured I would go for the music, which was awesome. They picked a ton of great songs. The story was pretty predictable, but they had a lot of subtle jokes that really made it worthwhile. I went to Abraham Lincoln today, my daughter took me. She’s so sweet. It was pretty good, and I’m looking forward to reading the book. I have it at home, but it is low on the priority list. There were some things in there that were a little out there, but overall, it was a good action flick.
I had two whole days off this week. I can’t remember when the last time that happened. I should have taken advantage of them better, but one of them I literally didn’t do anything the entire day. I was so lazy it’s not even funny. For the next four days, I have a little overtime, but it’s barely enough to mention. One of the days is for three hours on Saturday, my day off. But, it’s a mandatory meeting set up by the office, so I have to be there. I’m sure that there is going to be a bunch of overtime coming up in the near future. Our supervisor who works the second shift has put in her notice so the morning people are foaming at the mouth for promotions. Depending on who gets it, there might be a few more resignations. And, both of the other guys at night have been expressing their intentions of leaving. One of them has already interviewed with another company but hasn’t told anyone yet. The other guy told me tonight that he talked to someone in the office and they are going to try to get him something by the middle of this week. He also said that if they don’t give it to him, he is gone. We’ll see.
I can’t confirm one way or the other if the kids are pregnant yet. But, on Saturday at my brother in-law’s graduation party barbeque, my daughter in-law made a point not to drink anything. I asked my son, but he didn’t give me a definite answer. So, I’m choosing to believe that they are pregnant. That would put the new baby arriving early next year.
Not much is happening with my girls. They’re both just working and surviving the heat.
My wife took her parents to go visit her brother on Sunday. (My lazy day) She had a good trip, but they took our car to make the visit. So, the in-laws left us their truck in case we needed to go anywhere. So, around lunch time, I sent my youngest daughter out to get us something to eat. Well, she only gets a few feet when she realizes that the truck has a flat. It was like three hundred degrees out. I got the truck up on the jack, but can’t find my father in-law’s lug wrench. So, I can’t get the tire off. As it turns out, he lent it out and never got it back, so he uses a ratchet. But, the worst thing was that me and my daughter were out lunch. We tried to call my other daughter to go pick us up something, but she had just eaten and she lives pretty far. So, we ended up having pizza delivered. It was good, but I ate way too much. That always happens. I’m a sucker for bread sticks.
Well, that’s about all that happened this week. I’ve started the third chapter of Slider and it is looking really good. I’m going to work on it tonight, so I’d better get busy. I’m putting a variety of heavy metal songs in the playlist, most of them are from the Rock of Ages movie. It’s a little heavy on Def Leopard and Cinderella, but there are a lot of other good songs in there.
See you next Monday night.

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18

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Happy belated Father’s Day. I had a nice father’s day. It was about 900 degrees outside, but we still had a barbeque. Thankfully, we had canopies and large beach umbrellas to keep the sun off of everyone. The wife and I had to work the overnight on Saturday into Sunday morning, so we didn’t get much sleep before the little party, but it was still fun. I only managed to stay awake until about ten that night, but the little woman went to a movie with her sisters and didn’t get back until about midnight. She had to work at six in the morning today, so I’m sure she’s dead tired. I got up with her this morning to go visit my mom. (Mondays are mom day) I took a nap when I got home to get me through tonight, but my wife is still up and around.

The only bad thing about Father’s Day was the Rockies lost again. I don’t know what’s up with the boys, but they are not having the season they should. Like everyone else, I’m blaming the pitching. We don’t have consistent starters and there isn’t a standout among them. They signed Francis back to the lineup last week. He was good a few years ago and I was sorry to see him leave. But, he hasn’t performed in the games he’s started. Hopefully we’ll get De La Rosa back soon. But, since there isn’t much to say about baseball, that’s about it on the subject.
The kids are doing well. My son let me in on a little secret. They don’t want anyone to know yet because it isn’t confirmed. But, my daughter in-law might be pregnant. They’ve been trying so this is good news. I think he said that she was going to the doctor to confirm today, so they might have already told everyone by now one way or the other. I was asleep, so I’m out of the loop. I’ll let the world know next Monday one way or the other.
My girls both have been sick this weekend. My youngest daughter got a bad case of allergies. Of course she insisted that she didn’t have allergies because she hasn’t had them before. But as soon as she started taking the allergy pills she became better. My eldest daughter must have eaten something bad. She was running back and forth to the bathroom all day yesterday and even called out of work today. She looked much better this evening, but she still didn’t want to eat anything.
It looks like the overtime at work is going away. (for a week at least) That means that I have a regular schedule this week. The paychecks have been nice, but I’m betting two full days off in a row are going to be better. At the very least, I’ll post this blog more regularly.
I also started writing again. I was working on Gremlin Planet, but yesterday I decided to redo the chapters I’ve put down on Sliders. I think it is much better now and I think I’m going to continue with it for now. Speaking of which, messed up the links for my latest book, River of Magic. Let’s see if I can fix that this time. For ebooks, click Here. For regular books, click Here.
I guess I better get started. I’m putting 38 Special, Foreigner, and April Wine in the playlist tonight for background listening.
See you next week.

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11

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It has been well over a month that I have posted a new blog entry, so this might run a little long. But, I have a gnarly headache, so it might not. The reasoning behind my serious breach in keeping you all informed of life at the Nichols residence was mostly due to working a butt-load of overtime. There were times when I didn’t get any days off during the weeks. Then, I had a normal week, but that was just laziness on my part. Now, I’m coming off of two weeks straight without a day off and I figured I better post something or the one or two of you out there that actually reads this might find somewhere else to spend a few minutes.

Let’s start with the big news. River of Magic is out and ready for anyone to buy if they want. Here are the websites. Book or ebook The book version is $14.00. Sorry it’s so much, but it was the minimum price they would allow because it is a long one. The ebook is only $5.50. If anyone wants the book version, I get a discount, so I can get you a copy for about $9.00. You just have to email me and let me know. It’s still a lot, but it’s the best I can do.
Now, on to the kids. My youngest daughter has officially graduated from high school. It was a pretty nice ceremony with the exception of the long speeches. One of the graduates giving a speech couldn’t pronounce the word valedictorian, but it did add a little humor. When one of the graduating girls finished her speech and went to sit down, her chair slid off of the raised platform and she tumbled backwards off the stage. She ended up being ok, but she must have received a hard thump on her head. She didn’t return until the end where she got her diploma.
Since freeing herself from high school, my youngest enrolled in college and has been working very hard at the movie theater. She might even start a second job in the mornings with a company she worked at while she was at school. I don’t want her to work too hard, but she wants to stay busy over the summer and prepare for college. She wants to have a car by the time she starts, and we’re saving for the down payment, but we have to finish off paying our car before we can take out another loan. The good news is that it should be paid off by January. My youngest decided to make an extra car payment here and there to speed everything up. I told her I didn’t want her to spend her money like that, but she really wants a car. We’ll see.
Speaking of cars, my eldest daughter bought a new car. It is a 2012 alien Kia Soul. It is a really nice little car. It is a standard (So that her brother and sister can’t borrow it). And, it drives really nice. It had 55 miles on it when she got it so it’s brand new. Alien is a shade of green and green is her favorite color, so that worked out. It was the last standard they had on the lot, and we had to walk all the way into the back to find it, but she fell in love with it almost as soon as she saw it. She told me she filled it up the other day and it only took twenty dollars. I’m so jealous. It takes at least fifty for me to fill up the SUV. I knew I should have gotten a smaller car.
My son and daughter-n-law haven’t been up to much, but my granddaughter is getting too smart. Just yesterday, she was climbing the stairs to get to our upstairs apartment. There are nineteen steps, and my wife always counts them with her as they walk up. Yesterday, I was watching through the window as she was coming up alone. She was counting, but when she got to the last step, she was already on nineteen. She stopped and looked at that last step. She knew that something was wrong, so she looked down as if she were going to go back down and start over. But, then she shrugged, said twenty, and took the last step. She starts school this coming up year, which will be nice. Right now, she’s just happy that the swimming pool is open.
My wife has been busier than I have been. She was worked some overtime, but her schedule was more wrapped up in the graduations and the graduation parties. She put in a lot of time and effort and MONEY. Yes, kids are expensive. But, everything should be slacking off now that its summer.
I went over to my mom’s today for a visit. She’s doing ok, but she’s been without internet and TV for the last week. She said she finished seventeen books in that time. Speaking of books, we went over to my brother’s house and he loaded me up on books he wanted me to read. I think I have about seventy lined up now that I’m supposed to read. He still hasn’t found a job yet, but he’s on his third and fourth interviews with a few places. For the jobs he’s applying for, it’s a long process. But, he’s still upbeat. I think I would have pulled all of my hair out if I was out of work for six months. But, he bought furniture a couple of months ago and even repainted the inside of his house. My other brother is having some mechanical troubles with his car. He took it in to have the breaks looked at and they said that the breaks disintegrated when they took the tire off. They told his wife that it would cost $1,100.00 to fix them. Needless to say they were taking advantage of her. He took it somewhere else and it cost half of that. My sister is coming to town over the fourth of July. We haven’t seen her since last year sometime. That’s going to be fun. She’ll stay about a week.
Over the last month, we did manage to go see two movies. We saw Snow White and the Huntsman and MIB3. They were both thumbs up movies. And, it’s about time. Not counting the Avengers, which was awesome and deserves three thumbs up if I had three thumbs, the last few movies I’ve gone to were a little disappointing. It is very nice to see some good ones. I did miss a lot of good ones along the way. So that means I’ll have to rent a bunch if I ever get some decent time off.
Baseball has been a little disappointing. I don’t think the Rockies have been over five hundred this year yet. We were about ten games back when we started to rally last week. We even took the first game from the Dodgers. But since then, we’ve lost five in a row, dragging us back to where we were. We’re sitting at 24-35 right now. The only good news in that is that we’re still over the Padres. (My brother’s team) We’re playing three games against the Oakland A’s starting tomorrow and then Detroit after that. Hopefully we’ll start that winning streak and get back on the plus side very soon.
I’m seven chapters into Gremlin Planet, but I’ve taken two weeks off this last week because of work or laziness, I’m not sure which. But, I’m going to start up again tomorrow. I would begin again today, but I have to help the guy I’m working with keep his job so that I don’t have to cover for him along with everyone else. He has this certification test on basic stuff that he doesn’t know, so I’m writing down the answers for him. If I don’t start on Gremlin Planet tomorrow, I might work a little bit on Sliders. I’ve finished two chapters on it, but over this weekend, I’ve decided I want to go in a different direction with it. So, I’m going to re-outline and redo it. So, we’ll see what happens.
I guess this one wasn’t too long. I’m putting in something to keep me awake in the playlist tonight because I didn’t get a real good night’s sleep because it is soooooo hot. I’m putting in Tesla, Van Halen, Motley Crue, and AC/DC. That should do it.

See you next Monday night