Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb 26

Life is good again. Rockies baseball kicked off today for the new season. (Or officially spring training, but that doesn’t matter, it is still baseball) The Rockies played the Diamondbacks down in their new spring training facility. It was the first ever game there. It was the first MLB game on Indian land. It was the first MLB game on Indian land that went into extra innings. It was quite a day for firsts. The Rockies looked really good. The pitching was good. The players looked good. We were leading throughout the whole game until the ninth inning. It was 7 – 2 when the ninth inning came around. It looked like we were going to get three outs and put a W in the books when we had a small string of mishaps. There was an overthrow at first and a three run homer. It made the game a little more interesting when they tied us. The announcers didn’t think they were going to play a tenth, but luckily they did. I think they were as hungry for some baseball as the rest of us. Anyway, Blackwell came up on our side and hit a single homer to win the game. The other side attempted another comeback, but we stopped them with some solid defense. Overall, it was a great game. We play again tomorrow, but it sounds like it isn’t going to be televised. The announcer said something about shortening the game for TV. That sounds like they’re going to play the game and then just hit the highlights. If they don’t show it, I’ll try to wake up and listen to it on the radio.
The baby came over today. With all of the overtime I’ve been working, it feels like I haven’t seen her for a month. I was asleep in the room when she came over and I could hear her talking to my wife asking when it was time to wake grandpa up. So, I got up and went out to play with her for a little while. She had just gotten home from a birthday party and my wife had bought her a toy when they went to get the present for the birthday kid. It was a little pretend medical bag. It had a stethoscope, a syringe, and a blood pressure pump. We played doctor for a while and then she wanted to build houses with the Jenga blocks. It was fun. But, they called my wife in to work the graveyard shift across the street. So, we are both working overnight and she couldn’t stay over. We’ll just have to pick her up again tomorrow.
I’m only working an eight hour shift tonight, so I’m going to try to get some work done. I’m still up in the air about which one I’m going to do the most work on. I thought I was set, but then I had another idea today and I’m not sure if I want to incorporate it into one of the books I’m working on or make it a title all its own. We’ll see how it goes tonight.
I’m putting some Simon and Garfunkel, Doobie Brothers, and Bob Seger into the playlist for a little background music. I’m trying to expand on my Farmville and I just need a little under one hundred thousand gold coins, so I’m going to see what I can do to reaching my goal before I do anything else. But, I’m not staying on there all night. I’ve been good about only spending an hour or so on it lately. Then, it’s back to work.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb 24

It’s official. I have Monday off instead of Sunday. It’s still a day off, but I won’t be able to do everything that I wanted to do because everyone will be at work or at school. But, after working nearly two months straight without a day off, I’m not complaining. Also, it looks like I’m going to be back to my normal schedule next week. I won’t know what to do with two days off and weekend days at that. So, I’ll just take Monday to relax and get all my fun out on the next weekend. I’m thinking a Chucky E Cheese trip and at least one movie. I might even pay to get into a movie and stay for two or three. My wife hates it when I suggest sneaking into a second movie. She won’t let me actually do it, but I’ll get her close to agreeing.
Can you believe it, BASEBALL is this weekend. It’s just spring training, but it’s baseball. The Rockies are playing Arizona on the first game of spring training. I hope the televise it. If they do, I don’t care how many hours I was working the night before. I’ll wake up to watch it. I was talking to one of my buddies about going to Opening Day. I know it’s a month away, but they’re already nearly sold out. The only seats left are in the nose bleed section and they’re starting at 60 bucks each. So, I think I’m going to shoot a little lower and try to get the first weekend game. Much cheaper and it will still be BASEBALL. (I like typing that in all caps.)
I haven’t done anything with the new book because of all the extra overtime. Yesterday, I was just lucky to stay awake the whole night. It’s kind of funny. I’ve been working these graveyards for about three years now, but now that I’ve been staying until ten in the morning I’ve noticed I’m more awake in the day time. It was weird, as soon as the sun came out, I was wide awake again. Now that the overtime is going away, I’m going to have to get used to going to sleep at about seven or eight instead of noon.
I watched American Idol tonight. They’re down to their top 24. Some of them seem pretty good. I think I’m going to have to give this season a shot. But, I won’t know for sure until the top 12. There were a couple of them that they sent through that I thought should have been cut. But then, they also put through a bunch of hot girls, so I might just watch for that. I know, I’m a perv.
Since I’ve decided to just take a break until the overtime is gone, it’s time to check out the farm and see what’s going on. I’ve put in some Tesla, White Lion, and Ratt into the playlist tonight because it’s one of those days to just rock out and have some fun.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21

It’s getting closer. Pretty soon it will be baseball season. I’m so anxious I can hardly sit down. I was on the Rockies website and it looks like we’re going to have a good year this year. As I was scrolling through the site, I came across a dream job opportunity for a baseball fan. So, I clicked on it. And all you had to do was watch all of the baseball games and then blog about them. It’s like a dream-come-true job. But the only caveat is that you have to live in place picked by the MLB that will be in New York City. So, instead of watching the Rockies play, I guess you would have to watch all of the Yankees games. Oh well, I knew it was too good to be true. Here is the link in case there are any Yankee fans out there. Who knows, maybe I misread the info and you just have to live in New York but they’ll hook you up with the Rockies on sports ticket or something.
It looks like I am going to Vegas to see my sister get married. It’s still a ways away, on the 20th of June. But, I’ve made the arrangements. I’ve requested the days off and told everyone that we’re going. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve never been to Vegas and even though it will be in the summer and very hot, I plan on bringing my swimming suit and hitting the Mandalay Bay pool or one of the others. I’m going to check out the jousting at Camelot. I’m going to ride the monorail to all of the casinos. I’m even going to watch those idiots as they ride that roller coaster that goes over the side of the Stratosphere. (There’s no way that I’m getting on that thing.) We’re only going to be there two days, but I’m going to cram a lot of stuff in those two days. (Oh yeah, I forgot, I’m also going to the wedding)
It looks like I’m going to get a day off next week. I took a sneak peek at the schedule that the boss is working on. If everything stays as it is, I’ll be off on Sunday. Woo Hoo! I’ll still have five 12 hour days and one eight hour day, but there will be a day off squeezed in there. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but it will be fun. I’ll have to think about it and get back to you tomorrow.
I finished putting out a bunch of query letters for the latest book, Cutie Pie, Baby Pie. Of course, I had to be an idiot about it. If you ever go to agent websites, they are very very very particular about how they want everything presented. If you are off on formatting or don’t give them exactly what they want, they won’t even look at your stuff. So, I was very careful. I double and triple checked everything before I sent out the first one. After I clicked send and started on the second one, I realized that I didn’t address the query to anyone. It just said Dear and then nothing. So, that one will probably be rejection number one. Being as computer savvy as I am, I cut and pasted a lot for the second one I sent out. The thing with cutting and pasting is that if you don’t change something, it doesn’t change itself. So, on the second one, I added a recipient to the letter, but I didn’t change the address or the company. So, she got a letter addressed to her but saying she worked at a different company. Yes, I am sabotaging myself. So, that will be rejection number two. I think I managed to make three or four actual complete queries. Hopefully one of them will have good news for me.
I’m putting Santana, U2, and Dire Straits on the playlist for tonight and it is time to get busy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 17

I got my last book back from the editor. There are a few changes that need to be made and a couple of misspelled words. So, I’m going to have to go through those today and fix everything up. That means that I’m going to have to start sending it out to agents. This is the part I really hate. I don’t mind the rejections, everyone gets them. It’s the work involved. I know that makes me sound lazy. But, that’s not what I mean. It just takes a lot of time to study the agency I’m sending it out to, writing personalized query letters and formatting everything to the exact specifications that they want. And, each one wants everything just a little different. It just takes too much time. I would much prefer to get back to writing the next book. But, it’s part of the business so I’m putting chapter two on hold for now. I should have a good list and all of the requirements in about a week. I’ll try to get in a few pages here and there, but no promises.
Today ends the work week for my new company. But, next week looks about the same. They haven’t hired anyone for the vacant morning shift so not only am I still working seven days, I also get to work a bunch of twelve hour shifts. I can’t wait until I actually sell one of my books. I probably won’t be able to just quit, but I will be able to afford to say no to the overtime. At least there is a light on the horizon. The new guy for the graveyard shift is starting in March, so I will actually get a day off pretty soon.
My wife and the girls went to a basketball game today. It wasn’t the NBA, it was a high school game. It was actually the last high school game of the season. One of my daughter’s friends was playing in it and he was afraid that his parents weren’t going to be able to make it. So, he asked the girls if they would ask my wife if she would go. He wanted someone to be there because the kid’s mothers were going to go out onto the court with the kids when they were introduced. Luckily, the kid’s parents made it but the wife and my kids stayed for the game anyway. They ended up losing, but it was a good game. I would have gone, but I was asleep.
It was payday today and I received my biggest check since I’ve been working here. It was close to what I was making when I worked for Merrill Lynch, but there, I didn’t have to work all of the overtime. At least I don’t get as good of benefits. (<- Sarcasm, in case you didn’t notice) Well, it’s time to get to work. I’m going to put some ELO, Queen, Stevie Nicks, and Night Ranger into the playlist today so I don’t go crazy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15

I could not sleep today. I got home about eleven this morning (more overtime), grabbed a snack and hit the pillow. About four in the afternoon, I could hear my wife arguing with someone and she said that the police were going to come and get whoever she was arguing with. Curious, I got up to find out what was going on. It turns out that she was babysitting a couple of her sister’s kids. One of them didn’t want to listen to her because she wasn’t her mom. So, he decided he was going to run away. He made it just outside of the yard. Since it wasn’t an emergency, I thought I might try going back to sleep. But, it wasn’t happening. So, I helped my wife bring down the clothes so she could go washing. By then, I was wide awake. I started doing stuff and before I knew it, it was time to go to work. I’m feeling it now and I have to stay until ten tomorrow again tomorrow and for the rest of the week.
It looks really busy today at work, so I don’t know what I’m going to be able to get done. I am going to check on my farm, because I totally neglected it yesterday. But, I’ll only spend about an hour or so on it. There is just too much to do.
As long as nothing happens, it looks like we’re going to be able to go to Vegas for my sister’s wedding. It will be very nice to get away for a while. I emailed her twice now and she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. But, she called my mom and it looks like she might be getting a promotion. It will mean that she has to move to Idaho or Utah. A marriage and a promotion, it looks like she’s having a good year. I wish mine would take off. I can’t complain too much though. They did find someone for the graveyard shift. So, I won’t be seven days a week for much longer.
I’m putting the Stray Cats, Slaughter, and Kiss into the playlist tonight. So, I better get started.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb 13

What a waste of time!!! The meeting we were required to be at, the meeting we were required to dress up for under penalty of disciplinary action, the meeting they scheduled three hours for was today at two o’clock. All week, they were building it up so that everyone was nervous about it. Every big wig from the new company to the property management was supposed to be there. So, I went to sleep almost as soon as I got home so that I would be awake for it. I even left early so that I could get a parking spot. As people began arriving, everyone was dressed accordingly, except this one new guy. He wore a black concert shirt that looked like he just pulled it from the dirty clothes hamper and jeans that were rugged, holey, and so big on him that they drug on the ground. As we all went up, I was actually looking forward to seeing what they were going to do to the new guy. I would have felt sorry for him, but while we were waiting, he bought a bag of chips from the vending machine and had to eat them right next to me. Of course he had to smack his lips and eat with his mouth open the entire time. When we arrived in the conference room, there were only two people from the new company at the tables. One was our account manager and the other was the nighttime driver. I assumed that all of the other bigwigs were tucked away somewhere in an office waiting to make an entrance or maybe finishing up a management meeting before they came to ours. Nope, they were the only ones that showed up. Even our direct bosses didn’t make it. And, the only thing that the account manager said about the guy that didn’t dress up was that he was new and didn’t know. The only good thing about the meeting was that my part in it only lasted an hour. I was called downstairs to monitor the computers while the other person that was monitoring them was called up to participate. I didn’t get any of the pizza they ordered, but at least I didn’t fall asleep at the table.
The rest of my day was about the same. We needed to get a new battery for our new car today. It had to be today, because when I arrived I was told that one of the day people was fired and I needed to stay late to cover half of his shift. So, we needed the other car ready so that my wife could use it to get to work in the morning. We took the car to Walmart. It’s cheap and they usually do a good job. Today, there were only two employees working. We were about the fifth or sixth car in line, so we started walking around Walmart. Two and a half hours later, we were standing next to the window wondering when they were going to bring our car in. Installing a new battery couldn’t take that long. When they finally got under the hood, the guy that was working on it made several trips from the car to the battery stand. Finally, he called his manager over and she said that they didn’t have the battery we needed and couldn’t put in anything that wasn’t approved. We wasted about three hours. On the plus side, they did give us a gift card for $45. I think I would have preferred to take a nap, but there is always tomorrow.
The project work I was given yesterday took much longer than I expected and I didn’t get to finish chapter one. So, I am going to work on that today. I’m putting Pink Floyd, America, and Night Ranger in the playlist today for background music and it’s time to get started.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feb 12

Well, it looks like all of the new company’s bosses and our bosses and the property management are all going to be at the mandatory meeting tomorrow. They scheduled a conference room from 1 to 5. That means that it’s going to be long and boring and most of it probably won’t pertain to us. But, we’ll be expected to stay the entire time even though it is in the middle of the graveyard shift’s sleeping period. At least now I know why they threatened us with disciplinary action if we didn’t dress up in what they call business casual. It still has to be slacks and a button shirt. I guess the casual part is not having a tie. If I can find my Bugs Bunny tie, maybe I’ll wear it anyway.
My Goddaughter threw a birthday party for her baby today. Her birthday was actually on the 10th, the same day as my mom’s birthday, but they celebrated it today because it was the weekend. For some reason, I either didn’t get the word or forgot about it. It was happening downstairs, but I slept through it. They didn’t even save me a piece of cake.
I managed rip myself away from Farmville yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was almost sucked in for hours, but I put my foot down and slapped my hand away when it tried to log onto Facebook. So, I that means I was able to start the new book. I thought that Sabertooth was going to creep in and force its way out, but I stayed on schedule. It looks like the girl book is going to be next. I did jot down the ideas for Sabertooth and the River of Magic so that I wouldn’t forget them. I’m about halfway through the first chapter and I’ll finish it today.
I was looking at the new training facility down in Phoenix for the Rockies. It looks really nice. I still want to go down there for spring training. But, with all of the turnover problems here at work, there wouldn’t be any way to get any time off even if there weren’t other events coming up that I had to save for. It looks like the military dance is on the 4th of March. My wife is going out tomorrow to buy a dress for my eldest daughter. My youngest already has hers. They didn’t go dress shopping about two weeks ago, but they came across a store that was either going out of business or just having a great sale. She picked up her dress then. I’m sure she would have gotten my other daughter her dress there as well, but she wasn’t expecting to spend a lot of money that day and it wasn’t a payday weekend. Hopefully the store is still having its sale or is still open whichever the case was and she can get the other dress there.
My boss gave me a big project to do over the weekend, so I better get started on it. I’m putting Ratt, Twisted Sister, Van Halen, and White Lion in the playlist for background music today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 02

It sucked me in. I really had no intention of playing Farmville all night. I was only going to do it for an hour and then get started on the new book. However it happened, I decided to put my foot down today. I was just going to get the stuff my wife posted and harvest the crops. Then, I was going to get off the computer and do something productive. Then, I got a baby elephant and I lost my mind again. I didn’t stay on all day. I did manage to just play a little and plant new crops, but I was thinking about it. Tonight is going to be tuff. I am committed to only harvesting my pumpkins and replanting. Then, I’m getting off and starting the new book. So, there isn’t going to be one of these wishy washy ‘I lost my mind’ blogs tomorrow. (Don’t tell anyone, but I need some more Farmville neighbors. My wife is beating me and I started playing before her. So, if you are out there, shoot me a friend request and I’ll send you back a Farmville neighbor request.)
My boss called and woke me up in the middle of the morning today. I was just getting into a good sleep too. After he hung up, I couldn’t go back to sleep and ended up watching V. I am so far behind on the shows I like because of that stupid Farmville that it isn’t even funny. I have about three weeks worth of V, No Ordinary Family, Castle, Bones, Criminal Minds, Chuck, NCIS, and the Good Wife. I’m sure there are a bunch more that I just can’t think of right now. But, I’m going to have to start watching some of them before I go to sleep or something because our DVR is about to become very full.
It was above 0 today, woo hoo. The snow and ice aren’t melting yet, but at least I’m not freezing my you know what off in the early mornings at work. Speaking of work, I better get started. I’m putting the Cars, Eagles, Foreigner, and Cheap Trick into the playlist tonight.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 09

It’s been a few days since I updated my blog. I’ve been really busy with work. Not only have I been working the regular overtime, I’ve been working extra overtime. We’re still short at work, but coupling that with the snow and sub zero temps, it makes for a lot of people not showing up for work. And, I’m the one that always seems to be working right before them so I have to hold over. Well, it should be coming to an end. They hired someone to get us off of seven days a week on the graveyard shift. But, the guy still has to go get his license and then go through his four days training. Then, he’s going to be out of town for a week. I’m not sure why the bosses upstairs agreed to that, but that’s why I’m not in charge. Anyway, I should have a day off in March. It’s kind of sad to go through two full months and be able to say “I’ve only had one day off this year.”
I haven’t been doing too much of anything besides work except for Farmville. I spend way too much time on the computer playing that game. I think I’m going to have to give it a break pretty soon. I figured that I would take a week or so off before I started my new book. But, ideas have been shooting through my head and I might have to start today. The only problem is that the ideas are not for the one I’m supposed to write next. So, I might have to bump Sabertooth up the line two slots and start working on it. We’ll see how it goes tonight. I’m only going to play Farmville for an hour and then I’m going to get started. We’ll see which one comes out.
It was -1 degree when I left work this morning. It didn’t snow again today, but it was still cold when I woke up. I was supposed to take my daughter to Army training at two thirty, but the new car wouldn’t start. The battery they gave us at the dealership was a small one and not very reliable. So, she didn’t go and we’re going to have to get a new battery for it. But, since we couldn’t go, I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t do anything today. So, when my wife got home from work, I gathered the kids and told them that I would buy if someone else would fly. That kicked off a huge discussion with my granddaughter because grandma and her aunties didn’t have wings and couldn’t fly. We ended up getting Wendys and my daughter flew.
My son has a job interview tomorrow at Excel, so the baby is spending the night over at our house today. I hope he gets the job. He really needs it. They are doing pretty good, but I don’t get to see them as much as I do my granddaughter. It’s usually just a quick hi and bye when I drop the baby off at night before work. But, I haven’t heard anything bad, so that’s good.
I’m just putting the radio on tonight instead of making a playlist. It’s not because it’s just one of those days. It’s because the radio has been exceptionally good tonight. If you asked me what they have played, I probably couldn’t tell you, but I haven’t heard a bad song yet.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb 05

Good news everyone. I’m not going to miss the entire Super Bowl. It starts at 4 o’clock here in Denver and I don’t have to be at work until 6. So, depending on how late I leave, I might get to see most of the first half. There shouldn’t be anyone out on the streets except pizza delivery guys, so I should be able to speed my way downtown to get to work. It did snow again today and maybe tomorrow too. But if I’m careful, I should be alright leaving at 5:30 maybe 5:40.
Speaking of the snow, I was sliding all over the place today when I went to pick up my daughter. It didn’t snow that much, but the melted snow from yesterday or the day before must have all turned to ice.
More good news: (I probably should have put this first) My sister is getting married. She’s having a Vegas marriage in June. Since I’m working so much overtime, I’m hoping to be able to save some so that I can go see her getting hitched. I never met the guy, even though they’ve been dating for years. The only reason is because she lives in Fernley Nevada and I live in Denver. I really should try to get out there to visit, but I don’t think I’ve taken a vacation in more than five years. Whenever it’s time for vacation, I usually trade the time in for the money. For some reason, there is always something that needs to be paid at that time. My sister has a good job. She works for I wouldn’t mind working there, but I’ve heard that there isn’t much out in Fernley. Too bad they don’t open up a facility here.
Speaking of Vegas, my sister said that we can get rooms there for about $25.00 a night. If we can go, it would have to be over the weekend. I’m not sure when the 20th is, but it better be on the weekend. We’ll drive out, because it’s not that far from Denver and because if I bring the whole tribe, it will be cheaper than flying everyone out. Probably the only thing that will stop us from going would be my daughter’s graduation/going into the Army party. We’ll need to send her off with a bang. Then, we’ll be going down to South Carolina for her boot camp graduation. We’re trying to arrange a little vacation excursion while were down there to Disneyworld in Florida. Then, we’ll drop her off in Georgia on the way back. But, that’s not until later, in August. I know, I’ll win the money for the vacation while I’m in Vegas. Yeah, that’ll work.
Well, I better start doing something. I’m putting the radio on in the background. I’m just too lazy today to make a playlist.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 01

I must be tired. I got a call asking if I would come into work early on Sunday. I think I was half asleep, so I said yes. There has been so much overtime flying around, I was surprised that they called me and didn’t just throw me on the schedule. I didn’t realize until I got to work and looked at the schedule that Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not sure when the game starts. I’ll have to look it up. But, if it starts at the same time the Pro Bowl started, I might be able to see twenty or thirty minutes of it before I have to go in. This whole year, I think I’ve watched maybe two or three games. And, that’s including the one I went to. I can’t wait until baseball starts. Next season, I’m watching all of the games. I’m going to reserve Sundays now just to do nothing and sit in front of the TV all day.
Speaking of overtime, it looks like they might be getting rid of another guy. He’s a morning guy, so it doesn’t really affect me unless I have to hold over in the mornings. But, usually they’ll make one of the morning guys work seven days like they’ve had us do at night.
My granddaughter came over today and I got a few pictures with her. I’m going to use one on the new book when it comes out. I’m putting them on Facebook tonight to see how they look and I’ll decide on which one later.
I’m putting some Chicago, Boston, REO, and Styx in the playlist tonight. I didn’t get to work too much on the business end of the book last night. There was just too much real work I had to do. So, I’m going to do it tonight.