Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29

Wooooo Hooooo! The Rockies broke their losing streak finally. Ubaldo came through with the pitching and we beat the Pirates nine to three. That means tacos at Taco Bell for everyone. It was a great game. Everyone was hitting and it looked like the Rockies of old. Now all we have to do is start a winning streak and claw our way back to the top. We have the Cubs tomorrow, I can hardly wait.
We got paid today, and all that overtime I’ve been working was a nice little bump. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it’s going to be fun. Speaking of overtime, my boss tried putting me on the schedule for my daughter’s birthday party. I had to calm my wife down for about twenty minutes telling her that I already took care of getting it off. I could just see her killing me on my daughter’s sweet sixteen. That would go over good. My daughter brought home her dress today. It looked good on her. The party is only a week and a day away, and my wife is still pulling her hair out. We sent out the invitations late, and we are only just now getting a bunch of responses. I think it’s going to be a pretty nice party.
I got one of those L. Ron. Hubbard emails today about the writer’s of the future contest. I’ve been wanting to enter for a long time, but I tend to be a little longwinded when I write. The max word length is 17,000 words. I’m sure I could whittle down a story to enter, but that’ll take me away from my current projects. I actually have a couple of ideas that I was going to develop into full length novels. I’m going to have to think about it for a while. It would be real nice to win, but odds are that I would lose. Still, it would be fun. And, if I did win, it would only help my future career as a writer. I’ll give it some thought. Until then, I finished up chapter 15 yesterday. I’m getting ready to start chapter 16. I put some Prince and some Kick Axe on in the background and I’m ready to go. Till next time:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28

Well, it’s a good start for the Rockies. It’s the top of the third and the score is tied one to one. Yesterday’s loss was pretty hard, but I’m sure our comeback is starting today. It’ll be a fight, but we’re going to take first place away from the Padres. And, I’m not saying that just to get my brother to leave me alone. (I hate to admit it, but he’s a Padres fan) The Rockies have a really good team and it’s time for them to get it together and start clicking.
I finished up chapter 12 in the Great Detective yesterday. My daughter asked about it and it just came pouring out. I tried to start chapter 13 and then my mind wanted me to go back to Kidnapped. I guess I’m going to just write whatever wants to come on any particular day. I shouldn’t say that, because the next book in line, Elf Rider, is already making noise in the back of my head. I almost opened up a new folder to begin it lay out chapters. But, if I start that, I know that the other two will be put on the back burner. I want to get them finished before I start anything else.
If anyone has visited my webpage and read my personal bio, you should know that I used to collect comic books among other things. Well, an interesting thing came up on MSN’s news feed. Someone that was being evicted from their home found an Action Comics number one in their basement. They sold it for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It’s expected to go for over a million dollars. None of mine are worth anywhere near that price, but while living in New Jersey, I wrecked my car and I sold my X-men series. I had number 1, 94, Giant sized number 1 and nearly the whole run up to about eight or nine years ago. I made enough to buy a new car, a 2003 Saturn. I’ve been thinking about selling some more. But, they really come in handy. The only problem is storing them. I began collecting mine when I was in high school. I’ll be forty five in a couple months so that’s thirty years of dragging them around. And, I’m not talking about a box or two. I still have 30 long boxes and six short boxes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27

Just before work, my granddaughter came in crying. She is only two and a half years old. She was playing with the neighbor’s daughters. One of them is about her age and the other is a little older, but still only about three or maybe three and a half. Anyway, my granddaughter wanted to play with the older neighbor’s toy and the neighbor’s daughter didn’t want to share, so she pinched my granddaughter. The kids were out watching of course, but it wasn’t like they could slap the three year old around or even beat up on the parents. When kids are that young they don’t really know what they are doing. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t a good enough excuse to call out from work. My granddaughter didn’t want to go out and play with the neighbors anymore. She wanted to follow me around and go to work with me. She even put on someone’s shoes so that I would take her. Too bad I didn’t have a camera handy.
The Rockies extended their losing streak. It’s getting frustrating. It was their hundredth game and it was pretty close. The score was four to two and they were playing the Pirates who were only second to last place in both divisions. We got one of our main players, Troy Tulowitzki off of the disabled list, which is a good thing. I was hoping his influence would bring a halt to our losing streak and maybe the other players would step up now that the best player is back. But, what can I say, tomorrow is another day. We play the Pirates again for two more games and then it’s the Cubs.
Ok, putting the Eagles on in the background and I’m getting to work. My daughter asked me about the Great Detective, so I think I’m going to put in some time on it and then continue Kidnapped later.

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26

Let’s start off with the good news. Grandpa’s Faerie is now available on Kindle. It will be available in book form in about five days. I’ll put it on my website tomorrow so everyone can look at it. After it comes out in book form, I’m going to take it down to the Tattered Cover to see if I can get it on the shelves. If that works out good, I’m going to try to get the rest of them in the store. Then, I’ll shoot for the big boys at Barns and Noble and Borders. I haven’t looked at their sights to see how self published authors go about it, but if Tattered Cover does it, I don’t see why the others wouldn’t. We’ll see in a few weeks.
The bad news is that the Rockies lost again. The Phillies swept us in four games. We’re coming home for a run with the Pirates. It was an exhausting away trip. I’m sure the boys will be able to bring home some wins now that we have the losing streak behind us. We’re officially in fourth place again. We spent a lot of time in that spot this year. But, we climbed out of it once and we’ll do it again.
My youngest daughter’s sweet sixteen is getting closer and closer. My wife is freaking out about the arrangements, but everything will go smoothly. It always does. The girls went to the dress store today and they got the last alterations done. I still haven’t seen the dress. My eldest daughter came back from her college summit. She liked it overall. She didn’t like getting up in the morning. (She’ll be in for a culture shock if she decides to go into the Air Force. They get up early too.) She did like the campus though. I’m not sure if she wants to go there or check out some of the other colleges. Work has been a bear. We are three people short now, and it seems like all I’m doing is putting in overtime. But, it came at the right time. It’ll help pay for the party and then Christmas is coming so, I can stash a little away for that. It’s hard to believe that they year is halfway over already. This year went very quickly for some reason.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24

It looks like it’s going to be a rough outing for the Rockies. We only took one of the last five games. And, at the moment, it is 4 to nothing Phillies. I’m at work again, so I’m not able to watch the game. But, for some reason our ace pitcher, Ubaldo Jimenez is out of the game and it is only the third inning. He’s been having a slight slump lately, but it’s only the third inning. I hope he isn’t hurt or anything. I would call to find out, but everyone that I know that should be watching the game isn’t home or answering. It is very frustrating.
My wife and my youngest daughter are out buying her a sweet sixteen dress today. They had it ordered, but they get to pick it up today. Her birthday is coming up in about two weeks and she is pretty excited. Her party is the seventh, but her actual birthday is the fourth. She wants me to take her to the DMV to get her driver’s permit on the fourth as soon as she wakes up. Everyone else in the house is a driver and she doesn’t want to be left out for one second longer than absolutely necessary.
Well, I finished my Harry Potter audio books, so I’m back to working on chapter 15. I’ve been lazy enough. (Come on!!!! It’s 7 to 0 now. ARGGGGH!!!!) If this game doesn’t drive me crazy, I hope to get a healthy way into chapter 15. Well, that’s it for today. I got some U2 and Tesla in the background. I’m ready to go.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22

Well, my wife got her new glasses. Only three hundred and thirty dollars, of course she received two pairs. But, you have to do what you have to do. She took the day off to go and get them, and then got called in to cover someone else’s shift when they called out. Isn’t work fun. At least she didn’t lose a day’s work. I spent the day updating my website. I added some games and some pictures and a couple apps that display baseball scores and stats. I should have put them on before, but I guess I’m just lazy. My eldest daughter went away to a four day college thing. She’ll stay in the freshmen dorms and audit some of the classes as she learns about the campus. She’s still planning on joining the Air Force, but they’ll pay for her college and she can get her bachelors wherever she wants.
The Rockies didn’t do so well against their four game series against the Marlins. They dropped three of the four. But, we’ll bounce back. We’re playing the Phillies next. Since I lived less then five minutes from Philadelphia across the bridge in New Jersey, I’m a little partial to the Phillies and the Eagles. We spent four years out there. It was an experience, especially driving. You can’t make left hand turns anywhere in the state. They seem to like roundabouts out there. When I first arrived, it took me three tries to get to the motel. I couldn’t go left and I had to circle around and around and around. Still, it wasn’t bad. I liked the “Wawa” it is Jersey’s version of a 7-11, but they have a little sandwich bar that I visited as often as I could. But, I’m digressing. I’m going to have to stand with my Rockies instead of supporting the Phillies. They have some great players, but so do we. It’s going to be a real good series.
I took the day off yesterday. I didn’t write anything. I was throwing together some Rush, Styx, Boston, and Cinderella in a playlist to keep in the background when my hand slipped and I opened my audio book file. Forgetting about everything else, I put in the first Harry Potter and just vegged out listening. By the time I decided to begin writing, it was too late. So, I listened to the rest of the audio book and, I’m seriously considering putting in the second one today. I can see it already, I’m going to listen to all seven of them and not get anything done for a week or two. We’ll see. I’ll try to control myself.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21

The Marlins took today’s game. That’s two for them and one for us, but it’s a four game series. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. At least I don’t have to work early and I can see the game. The countdown also begins today, only twenty five more days until football. Yes it is only preseason, but it is still football. We can still enjoy baseball, but if a game falls on a Sunday or Monday night, it looks like we’re going to have to record the baseball and watch the football.
My wife broke her glasses today. She almost had to call out from work. (Yes, she’s as blind as a bat) I can say that because she doesn’t read this blog. She managed to wedge the arm into the frame so that everything stays together for now. She tried to get in today, but they stop taking appointments at a certain time which she just missed. She made an appointment tomorrow. I hope they hang on until then. She might have to call out in the morning if anything bumps into them. All of us are supposed to wear glasses. My wife and the girls have them, but my son and I are stubborn. My eyes aren’t that bad. They’re sensitive to light, but I can still see, mostly. Sometimes it takes a little time for them to focus when I’m reading or looking at far away things. I went to the eye doctor when I turned 40 and he said that everyone’s sight begins to degrade around then. I don’t know if I believed him, but mine was pooping out.
I began work on chapter 15 yesterday and I even finished a chapter in the Great Detective. I don’t know what’s going on. As soon as I decide to work on one, the other jumps out at me. So, I’m just going to do whatever feels right and not try to schedule anything. So, we’ll see what happens tonight.
- Thom

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20th already

What a comeback. Yesterday’s game was close, but the Marlins won in the bottom of the ninth inning. Today, we destroyed them. It was ten to zero and yes, I missed everything. I saw the beginning of the game, but I had to go to work early today. I missed all of the good stuff. By the time I got to look up the score, it was already the bottom of the eighth. But, as long as we won, that’s the main thing. Tomorrow we have Cook on the mound and it should be a good one too. Unfortunately, I have to come in early again. So, I’m going to miss all of the action. I need to upgrade my phone so I can watch them while I’m supposed to be working. But, all of the kids have phones and they have all of the bells and whistles. (I don’t know how they convinced me that they needed it more than me.) Anyway, the bill is already outrageous, so I’ll probably suffer with what I got and keep calling for updates.
I finished chapter 14 yesterday. I started chapter 15, but I didn’t get very far. I also didn’t work on the Great Detective. I don’t think it’s going to work trying to do them both at the same time. But, it was worth a shot. I want the two to finish at about the same time though. I have my next book rolling around in my head and it wants me to work on it. I don’t want to put off the Great Detective again, so I think I might sacrifice some time on the weekends to put some pages down on it.
None of the kids are doing anything exciting so far this week. My son and daughter-in-law took my granddaughter to Lakeside the other day. It’s an older amusement park. She was telling me all about the rides she went on. She was pretty excited. My eldest daughter is becoming more and more adept at driving my car. It’s a standard and for some reason I only taught all of them how to drive automatics. For the longest time, I only had to share my car with my wife. But, I can already see it now. First she’s going to want to start borrowing it and then the others will learn how to drive it and pretty soon it won’t be my car anymore. (Don’t laugh. It already happened to my old car. It’s now my son’s car) But, he has a family now, so I guess he does need a car. My youngest received a sprained ankle on her camping trip over the weekend. My wife took her to the doctor and now she has a big splint on her foot and lower leg.
Till tomorrow, Thom

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19

Did I have a good weekend or what? I was supposed to work overtime on Sunday, but since I got in trouble the other day, they took one of my overtime days away. That meant that I had the whole weekend off. On Saturday, I slept in and then stayed in bed with my wife watching TV. Then, we took my mom out to eat. On Sunday, I pretty much had the house to myself. My wife went to visit her brother out of town and one of the girls went camping over the weekend. I was able to take my granddaughter swimming and there were all kinds of hot moms in bikinis out there. The best thing is that my granddaughter is only two and she talks to everyone. They all thought that she was cute and I was such a good grandpa for taking her out. Too bad I’m not a single grandpa. Then, we got McDonalds and I was able to watch the game both days.
We dropped two of three games to the Reds. And, we just lost to the Marlins a little while ago. I didn’t get to see the end, but it was a pretty good game. The whole time we were back and forth with the lead. It came down to the bottom of the ninth. We were ahead. Then, they had to go and hit a walk off two run homer. Still, it was a good game. One of our newer players, Johnny Herrera, a little guy but a good hitter, got his first homer today. It was a three run knock that put us ahead in the eighth. He’s been a great hitter. He almost always gets on base with a base hit.
I’m going to finish up chapter 14 today and I might get to chapter 15 depending on how everything goes. I didn’t get to work on the Great Detective Friday. I thought it was a good idea to split the night and work on both books, but I just never got to it. I think I’m going to try again tonight. I’ll let you know. I still haven’t heard back from the last agent about Grandpa’s Faerie yet. Hopefully it should be this week. If it’s good news, I don’t know when it will come out. If not, you can expect it out the following week.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15

It always happens. Whenever you are supposed to check on something and you don’t do it as often as you are supposed to, something happens. It happened at work last night. Between the two of us, my coworker and I, we checked it until just after three in the morning. Sometime between then and six, something happened and I got a call at eight thirty. I had just fallen asleep and was working on a really good dream when the boss woke me up. He yelled for a few minutes and told me how incompetent I was, you know, the usual stuff. Fortunately and unfortunately I don’t see the boss except for once a week. But, that once a week is coming up tomorrow afternoon. That means that I get to hear it all over again. (Something to look forward to) But, if you think about it, you have to get yelled at every once in a while or you become complacent.
I woke up today looking forward to watching a game before I remembered it was only Thursday. So, I took the wife and kids out to eat. We went to a place called Sweet Tomatoes. It is an all you can eat salad place. But, they have an assortment of soups, pasta dishes, a potato bar, a desert bar, a bread bar and an ice cream bar. I hadn’t been there for a long time and it was soooo good. The wife and kids always dump ranch dressing on their salads. Me, I can never decide on just one type. I don’t particularly like ranch, so today I poured honey mustard dressing on half and red Italian on the other half. It was very good. I’m also a big bread person and I stocked up on biscuits, muffins, garlic bread, pizza bread, and corn bread. I haven’t eaten so much in I don’t know when.
I’m about half way through chapter fourteen. I don’t know if I’m going to finish it or not. For some reason, I stopped last night to add a few pages to The Great Detective. I was supposed to finish it before I started Kidnapped, but it just wasn’t coming. I didn’t get any real inspiration to add those pages. Nothing just came to me or anything. I just opened it up and began typing. In the back of my mind, I’m flirting with the idea of working on one in the early evening and the other in the late evening. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14

This entry is going to be short and sweet. It’s been a long couple of weeks. I’ve been working a bunch of overtime and haven’t had time for much else. I worked fifteen hours yesterday and I’m at the beginning of a twelve today. I’ve been slacking off on everything, so today I’m playing catch up. I have a normal schedule for the rest of the week and I only have to work one day of the weekend. So far, I finished the C++ program I was helping one of my buddies with and I’ve partially completed the work I was scheduled to do tonight. I just need to sort through my emails and update this blog and I’ll have the rest of the night to finish writing chapter 14. I received ten copies of my books in the mail today. I plan on giving them out to my relatives as Christmas presents. I know it’s a little early, but I think I’m going to wrap them up and put them under a tree that won’t be there for several months. It feels strange not having a game to watch. Since I’ve been working so much, I missed most of the All Star Game. It’s only been three days, but it feels like a week.
That’s about it for today. I’m sure you don’t want me to bore you with work stuff and since that’s all I’ve been doing for a few days, that’s all I got. So, until tomorrow - Thom

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13

Well, it’s another Monday. I spent the day at the recruiter’s office. My eldest daughter is planning on joining the military when she finishes high school this coming up year. So, we figured it would be a good idea to go get some information. She isn’t crazy about the water, so we didn’t even go to the Navy. We tried the Army first and they were polite, but they were more interested in signing her up now. I told them that we were just there for information. I mean she has an entire year left of high school and kids always change their minds. She has been in JROTC for the last two years and is planning on taking it this coming up year, so I know she’s planning on going. But, I still didn’t want to sign her up right then. We visited the Marines next. And, even though I am a former Marine, the guy that was there was wearing shorts and flip flops. He said he was just covering the office but worked out of a different one in a different city. He did talk a lot more to us, but he stressed that only about ten percent of the Marine Corps were women. Even though he took her name and information, he looked a little reluctant to go much further. The Air Force was a different experience all together. The woman we talked to went over everything and it looks like a much better fit for my daughter. I was very impressed and if I wasn’t so old, I probably would have signed myself up. We took all the information from all three branches, but I think the Air Force is where she’s going to go. Since she will have three years of JROTC, she is going to go in as an E3 which is the third enlisted rank. That was my rank when I got out of the Marines. But, I got into a little bit of trouble while I was in. I should have gotten out as an E4, but what can I say. What I really should have done was stay in and I could have retired eight years ago and gotten a paycheck for the rest of my life. (If I only knew)
The Rockies lost their last game with the Padres, but we still took the series. We’re tied with the Dodgers now, two games behind the Padres. Then, we have a huge road tour after the All Star Break. We’ll see how it goes. My wife told me today that she can get 3 tickets to the Broncos second preseason game against the Detroit Lions. I’m going to see if my two brothers want to split the cost and go. I’ve only been to one Bronco game. It was a year or two ago against the Vikings. It was the last game of the season. We won, but we didn’t go to the playoffs. Although I am a big Rockies fan, I am also a big Bronco fan. And, there is only a little over a month away until the first preseason game. I can’t wait.
I finished chapter 13 this weekend and started chapter 14. I didn’t get very far because I was dead tired. It seems like I haven’t gotten a day off in a month. I’m going to work a little bit on 14 today, but it won’t be too much. I have a buddy in college and he’s taking a C++ class. He’s having a little trouble with a program he’s writing. I said that I would look it over for him and give him some pointers. I’d better do that first.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11

It was a rough one today. I usually work nights, but there was a lot of overtime offered this week. So, I scooped some up and worked a day shift, 6am to 2pm.It wasn’t bad, weekend shifts are usually very easy shifts. This one was no exception. The only thing difficult about it was getting up so early. Getting off at 2 sounded very good, because I was planning on going to the game later if I could get tickets. Well, it turned out that I couldn’t. The game was sold out. Still, I could watch it at home. My wife had me running errands after work, but I still made it home before six. I turned on the game and got out my Subway club with pepper jack cheese and extra onions. I was all set, until I fell asleep in the third inning. It was only around 7 o’clock. I can’t remember going to sleep that early in years. I missed the game. (We did win, 4 to 2, putting us only one game down in our division.) Now, I woke up a little before midnight and can’t go back to sleep for my next overtime shift at six in the morning. It’s just after 2am and the house is quiet, all of the kids are asleep. I’m thinking about updating my website. It’s been a few days and I’m thinking about putting some Rockies stuff on one of the pages. Yep, that sounds good.
I finished chapter 13 today and I’m getting ready to start chapter 14. It’s going to be good. There is a lot of action in it. I would start it right now, but I know I’ll get into it and won’t want to stop when its time to get up and get ready for work. Besides, if I turn on some background music, I’ll probably wake everyone up and it’s actually kind of nice to have the whole house to myself.
One of the errands I ran today was going to get my daughter a birthday gift. She went with me to pick it out, so if she’s reading this it won’t spoil the surprise. It’s her sweet sixteen in August. Her sister’s sweet sixteen was last year and I got her a really nice porcelain doll. It had her favorite colors and a little number 16 on it. I wanted to get my youngest something like it, but not the same. You know how kids are. So, I got her a porcelain doll inside am elaborate carriage done up in her favorite colors. It looks really nice and like the other doll, it’s something they can keep for when they have they grow up and have their own houses. My granddaughter went with us to pick the stuff out. Of course she saw an ice cream vender and the whole time we were in the store, she asked for ice cream. It was only about a thousand times, so it wasn’t too bad. I told her about a thousand times that she couldn’t eat ice cream in the store, we had to wait until we went outside. Naturally, the vender was still there when we left. They can sniff out a sale. Actually, ice cream doesn’t sound too bad right now, it’s the middle of the night, but it’s hot. I think I’m going to go turn on the fan before I start on my website.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10

Yep, I’m at work on a Saturday. It sucks, but its overtime. Anyway, I was looking for a book to read while I’m here and I ran into a little problem. I’ve been reading Terry Goodkind – the Seeker series, but I stopped about a month ago because I was missing a book. I’ve been meaning to pick it up, but for one reason or another I haven’t been able to get to the store. So, I’ve been reading other stuff so that I wouldn’t miss anything. But, as I was looking at my ‘to read’ stack of books (Which had dwindled down to only three) I noticed that they were all Seeker books. So, I’m going out of order. It feels strange. I’m really going to have to get to the bookstore this week.
The Rockies had another great day last night. I was able to get off work in time to see the last two innings. They pulled off a ten to eight win over the Padres. I was getting worried too. They made five runs in the third, but the Padres were consistently making one or two runs nearly every inning. My brother is a big Padres fan, so I sent him a text telling him to have his boys stop beating up on my guys, and as soon as it went through, they hit another five runs in the seventh. Steward even hit a Grand Slam, it was awesome. I know they didn’t win because of my text, but I’m going to take credit for it anyway. After work, I’m going to go wait in line to see if I can get tickets to today’s game. It was sold out a few days ago, but they always hold some tickets back for the Rock Pile until right before game time. We’re now only two games out of first. If we sweep the Padres, we’ll be tied with them. This is going to be a great series.

Ok, I got Ratt in the background so I guess it’s time to get to work. I’m finishing up chapter 13 today and I might even start chapter 14. Kidnapped is coming along really well. I’ve been waiting a long time to write this one. I put it off for so long because everyone I’ve spoke to told me that I had to keep the word count down if I ever wanted to get published. Kidnapped is the second book in a series of ten. It Begins is the first of the K-bar series, and it was the first one I ever wrote, but I put it on the shelf because after trying to cut it down to an “acceptable” word count, I ended up hating it. It’s 229,272 words and it needs to be that long. Kidnapped is also going to be over 200,000 words and so are the next few. Since I’m self publishing, I can make them the way I want. I’ll still write shorter books, that I’ll send off to agents, because I do still want to be published. In fact, I’ve got a few rattling around in the old noodle that I just need to get down on paper. I’ll probably alternate, writing one of them next and then go on to the third K-bar book. Ok, time to get started.
Until next time - Thom

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 9

Woo hoo, the Rockies swept the Cardinals. We’re now only two and a half games out of first in the National League West. We have the Padres next who are in first. My brother is a big Padres fan, so I’ve been giving him as much grief as I can. I was going to take him and his family to the game on Saturday, but we couldn’t get tickets. It was our own fault, we waited too long. But, they hold some Rock Pile tickets until game day. So, I’ll be out at Coors Field two hours before the game waiting to get some seats.
One of my daughters is spending the night over at her auntie’s house, but three of my nieces are coming over to stay at our house. It’s going to be a noisy one tomorrow. But, my eldest daughter is going to be watching them. Hopefully she’ll take them out swimming so I can sleep in. I have to work an afternoon shift tomorrow instead of the graveyard. So, when I get off in the morning, I have to get all the sleep I can.
I didn’t get a chance to work on chapter 13 yesterday. I know I shouldn’t, but I went to Netflix and watched Pandorum on the computer. It was pretty good. I remembered wanting to see it when it came to the theaters, but for some reason I never did. My youngest wants me to take her to the new Twilight movie. I saw a trailer for it and the action doesn’t seem so too bad. When she first started reading those books, I read the first one to see what they were all about. Now I remember why I don’t read romance books. Yep, I think I like my vampires monstrous and bloody.
I’m a little bummed today. My granddaughter was gone most of the day so I didn’t get a chance to play with her. When she got back, she wanted to play with my nieces and I was left out in the cold. And, tomorrow, I work in the day so I won’t be able to tickle her or turn her upside down until the weekend. Well, I better actually work on chapter 13 today. So, it looks like I’m going to have to get busy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 8th

Wow, I’ve only written one blog entry and already I have to write a retraction. Last night, I left for work and the Rockies were down by six points. When I got in, everyone was wondering what happened to the boys. Well, I didn’t even check up on the game. I assumed they lost and posted it in my blog. Well, in the bottom of the ninth inning, they made nine runs and ended up winning the game. Can you believe that I missed it? Well, I apologize to all the Rockies fans out there. Today, we went down five to nothing and ended up fighting our way back for another win. Of course I didn’t get to see Dexter Fowler hit the winning run. I was on my way to work again. Missing the ending of the games is the only bad thing about working at nights. Well, we have Ubaldo on the mound tomorrow, so the Cardinals better watch out. We might be looking at a sweep. That would be so nice. Especially since San Diego lost today putting us only three games out of first place. Like I said yesterday, we play them next and I’m hoping we’re at the top by the end of the series.
With the exception of baseball, nothing much happened today. One of the guys I work with did get fired. That means that there will be more overtime next week. My boss already asked if I wanted to put in a few shifts this weekend. I’m sorry for the guy that got fired, but my youngest daughter’s sweet sixteen is coming up in August and a little overtime will come in handy. Since it’s her sixteenth, we’re going all out like we did with my eldest daughter, and you wouldn’t believe how much it’s going to cost. (You’d think she was getting married or something)
When I sign off here, I’m going to be working on chapter 13 of Kidnapped. It’s coming along pretty nicely. I got Pink Floyd playing in the background and this blog has loosened up the fingers. I guess I better get started.

July 7

Let’s start by introducing myself. My name of course is Thom Nichols. This is my first entry so let’s get to know me. I’m going to turn 45 this year in October. I have a wife of 19 years. I have three kids and one granddaughter. I live in Denver Co and I’m trying to get my books published. I have 8 full length fantasy novels, self-published, currently available on I went through Createspace to publish them. They are available in book form and digital for your Kindle or other e-reader. I am in the process of getting them on Google’s site. They are still in the processing stage. You can take a look at them on my website or on and search for Thom L Nichols. I’ll let everyone know when they are available on Google. My 9th book is finished and I have sent it out to literary agents. I am waiting for my last rejection before I self publish it with the others.
Publishing isn’t as easy as it looks. It is almost impossible to get a book published unless you are already published. It does happen, but it is very difficult. I’ve had some really good feedback, but also about a hundred rejections. One of the hard parts is finding an honest agent. Most publishing houses won’t look at unsolicited manuscripts. I started halfheartedly a few years ago, and I wasn’t very diligent about the whole process. I just wanted to write the books. I didn’t want to go through all of the cover letter and synopsis writing and keeping track of who I sent them to and everything. So, this year, I decided to self publish and put up a website to see what happens. So far, I’ve had some good results. After my last rejection on my latest book (Grandpa’s Faerie), I’m going to try getting it on the shelves of a Denver based bookstore (The Tattered Cover). I’ll blog the process when its time. If that works, I might try something even bigger, maybe something like Barns and Noble.
Well, enough about my books. How about those Rockies? I thought they were going to do much better this year, but the bats haven’t been there. We aren’t doing bad. We did lose today, but we’re at 45 and 38. That’s only four games out of first in the National League West. I’m still sure that we’ll come back after the All Star Break and move into first place. I’m going to the Saturday game against the Padres. It’s the fifth game I’ve been able to see this year.
All right, I’m at work right now, and I’m running out of time for this blog. So, I’ll cut it off here and pick it up next time.