Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30

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Ok, I don’t know why I’m still following them either, but the Rockies are now 26 games under 500. We lost all three games this weekend. One of them we even got seven runs. Unfortunately, the Reds got nine. We were totally shut out on Friday which really sucked. Sunday, we only made two runs to their seven. All in all, it was a bad weekend. Since the All Star break, we were winning one game out of each series. But, we couldn’t even manage that this time. We were off today, but we’re starting up with the Cardinals tomorrow then the Giants and the Dodgers. Our prospect for winning any of them doesn’t look good. The best thing I can say for the Rockies at the moment is that we aren’t last in the league. Houston still holds that honor, at least for now. They are 34 games under 500. (Man I can’t wait until football starts.)
My wife started her new schedule this week. She worked all graveyards. It was nice being home at the same time with her, but I don’t think it agreed with her very much. She’s not a night person and didn’t get very much sleep the entire week. This week she’s working the afternoon/evening shifts. I hope they work out better for her.
My son had an interview today with a moving company. He said it went well, but there were two other people interviewing for the same position. The other two guys had driver’s licenses so he thinks they might have a better shot at it. But, he’s eligible for his license in a few months and the job didn’t require one. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
My eldest daughter is in California with the Army. She’s in Palm Desert, but she said it wasn’t as hot as she expected. I hope that lasts. She left her car here and they bussed them all out there. She said it took 26 hours. That had to have sucked. As for her car, I felt it was my duty not to ignore it, so I’ve been driving it around here and there. It’s a really nice car, but it keeps yelling at me to put my seatbelt on. I also had to take the head rest off of the seat. It was angled forward and very annoying. I’m sure there was a way to tilt it back, but it was just easier to take it off.
We bought my youngest daughter her school supplies for college yesterday. She’s the first of my kids to go and we didn’t really know exactly what she would need, so we got a little of everything. So, she should be ok. When we got home afterwards, however, she said that she was already thinking about changing her major. I know most kids change it two or three times their freshman and sophomore years, but she hasn’t even started yet. I’m sure she’ll figure it out and will be all right.
My granddaughter has decided that cars should stop making glove compartments because no one wares gloves anymore unless it’s snowing and then they only wear them to play outside.
Since this might be our last weekend together for a while, (My job is going to have a bunch of overtime for the next two or three months) we decided to go out and enjoy ourselves. So, my daughter got us tickets to the movies. Total Recall and the new Bourne movie hadn’t started, so they dragged me to some new dance movie. Step up something. That’s the problem going to the movies with a bunch of girls. They thought it was good. There was even a preview for another dance movie and they were excited about going to see that one too. I’m going to have to go home and watch Die Hard or something just to get the dance movie out of my system.
Well, that about sums up my week. Slider is cranking on very nicely. I’m on chapter nine today. So, I’m going to put ELO, Rod Stewart, the Beach Boys, and Joan Jett in the playlist tonight for background listening.
See you next week.

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