Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug 27

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Yes, I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated my blog, but I’ve been working a ton of overtime and haven’t had a chance. So, today let’s start off with some current events. The Rockies spanked the Dodgers 10-0. I know, we’re not doing great. We’re still 23 games under 500, but we’re slowly climbing out of the hole. We don’t have a shot at a post season, but at least we can be spoilers for other teams and get as close to 500 as possible. The Broncos are looking real good. We’re 1-2 in preseason, but it is preseason. Our starters look really good. All three of Manning’s drives scored this Sunday. It would have been nice to have him and the other starters play into the second half, but I would also not like to see them get hurt before the regular season, so it’s ok. We only have a week and a half before real football starts, the waiting game is on.

It looks like September is going to be as busy as August was concerning overtime. This week, I only have six hours, but you never know what’s coming. It would be nice if they put up the schedule more than a few days in advance, but what can you do?
Let’s see what’s going on with the rest of the family. My granddaughter started preschool today. She looked so cute in her little backpack and new school clothes. I don’t know how it went, but when she got there, she didn’t cry at all. My son said that she saw some other little girl crying and went up to her and told her that they only had to be there for a few hours and then they could go home. I think she’s going to make a lot of friends.
My eldest daughter came back from her two week obligation with the Army Reserves. She was in California desert and it was extremely hot. She’s back to work at Safeway now. She didn’t start college this term, but is expecting to next term.
My youngest daughter started college this term. She had a bunch of general education classes, like we expected. Most of them are ok, but I saw her doing one online the other day and I asked her which one it was. She said that it was (Public Speaking). I about fell out of my chair laughing. How could public speaking be an online course? I can just imagine coming in one day and finding her reading a speech to the computer. I’m all for online classes. They’re convenient and sometimes necessary, but public speaking? I always thought that a requirement for that class might be to speak in public, but I might be wrong. I think they could have chosen a different class to put online.
My wife has a new position in the company in a different building. She’ll start it at the beginning of next week. (I think that was what she said) I think she’ll like it. And, it will help regulate her. She doesn’t get much sleep when she works the overnight shifts and then changes to the day or evening. She is still going to go to bartending school, however. That will be evening hours, but it won’t be hours that jump around so drastically. The only thing we’re waiting for on that is her finishing up at the dentist. For some reason her dentist decided to go and have her baby before she could finish up on my wife’s teeth. But, maternity leave can’t be much longer. I’m pretty sure she has an appointment in the second week of September.
I have two brothers, the one two years younger than me likes his new job. Coincidentally, this month he is the bar manager. One of the first things that they told him is that all bartenders steal. His main job as supervising them is to limit the amount that they steal. He isn’t supposed to catch them and fire them. He is just supposed to try to keep the stealing down to a minimum. Probably because the next bartender they get in might steal more than the one they already have.
My youngest brother is still looking for a job. I’ve suggested he come to my company because they are desperate for people. We get a little bonus for referring people, but they need warm bodies so badly that they have more than tripled the amount that they give us. So, it works out good for both of us if he goes in.
I still haven’t talked to my sister. It’s been months and months. We’re not mad at each other or anything. It’s just that neither of us are good at calling. I keep telling myself that I’m going to email her, but whenever I get in front of that computer other things pop up and I forget.
I’m really cruising along on my latest book Slider. I’m on chapter 17 and that should be done today or tomorrow. I was going to try and have it completely done by September, but that’s not realistic. Now, I’m hoping to have it done by kickoff of our first regular season game. That gives me about two weeks. It’s not a long book, so I should make it by then.
And, speaking of books, I better get started. I’m wasting daylight. So, I’m putting Heart, BTO, Dire Straits, and Stray Cats in the playlist for background listening. Hopefully I’ll see you next week.

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