Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23

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It must suck to be a new person at any job. We, of course, get the leftovers from every other company. Saturday morning when I was leaving work, the guy that took over was one of our latest new guys. He was trained for five days and he’s got about a month or so behind his belt now. As I was leaving, he picked up the 31 day folder and very seriously asked which slots today’s reports would be in. I could almost see where he would be confused if this were February, but it’s July. There are thirty one days in this month. Oh well, enough about new guys.

I took my granddaughter swimming this weekend. We had a great time, but I forgot to put on some sun block. Yes, I’m a hurting puppy right now. My granddaughter barely got a tan, but I’m a lobster. It’s weird how you can have such a great time and not even realize that you’re cooking. I’m so burned that even the bald spot on the top of my head is red. I barely even wanted to move today. But, my granddaughter wanted to play today when she came over this evening so, what could I do? We just played inside.
The Rockies are still doing horrible. My brother and I went to the game on Tuesday. We had a great time, but the Rockies lost. They were playing the Pirates and if I remember correctly, we dropped two of the three games against them. We’re playing Arizona today. When I left it was like five to nothing or something like that. It was in the sixth, and I haven’t even looked up the final score yet. But, I’m sure it’s not good.
My wife finally decided she’d had enough at work this week. She requested a transfer and tomorrow will be her last day. I could give you a list of reasons, but the biggest was that she wasn’t appreciated. She does… or did… so much for them and all she ever heard were the negatives. It was time for her to go and do something else anyway. She’d been there for over five years and she’s has wanted to do something different for a while. Now is her perfect chance.
My girls have been talking about getting an apartment together. They were going to move into the basement, but I guess that idea is out. One of their cousins might move in with them. They’ve always been close and he graduated at the same time as my youngest.
My son has started talking about getting a job. He did odd jobs, but he was mostly a stay at home dad. But, now that my granddaughter is going to be going to school, there isn’t a need for him to stay at home. With two full time incomes, they will be able to afford to do a lot more.
I went to see Batman on Saturday. It was good, but I didn’t like the Bane character. I didn’t like the storyline very much. I did see a preview for the new Superman movie. Let’s hope it isn’t as gay as the last one. Maybe they’ll even include a fight scene in the new one. The movie that does look good is the new Total Recall. I can’t wait for that one. I think it comes out next week or something like that.
We spent the whole morning at the dentists on Saturday. I got off at six and my wife got off at seven. Her appointment was at seven thirty and we just made it. She was just supposed to get x-rays and a consultation on the work she needs. Instead, they started the process. Even though we were there for so long and I almost fell asleep in the waiting room, it was better that they started. That way my wife won’t be able to back out. And, the insurance paid for much more than they were going to last year. So, after she gets hers done, I’m going to go in and get mine done. Mine will be much more, because I don’t think the dentist has a procedure that I don’t need. Yes, I haven‘t been to a dentist for more years than I have fingers.
Well, on a happier note. I’m on chapter 7 in Slider. It is developing very well. I usually only work on it for about two hours a night, but lately I’ve been putting in an extra hour. So, I hope that continues. I’m putting Twisted Sister, Ratt, one Helix song (I’m sure you know which one. There was only one good one) and Motley Crew in the playlist tonight for background listening. So, I’ll see all of you next week.

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